Best Men’s Boots for Winter

Best Men’s Boots for Winter

Winter is on its way. In most parts of the country, winter weather comes with plunging temperatures, rain, snow, and ice. These can wreak havoc on your shoes. While the suede Chelsea boots look great with your outfit, they’re not going to cut it when the weather turns ugly. When Jack Frost comes calling, you’ll need men’s boots that are sturdy enough to see you through the most brutal weather conditions.

Most people will agree that fashion disappears once the weather turns really lousy. This is especially true in terms of footwear. Men would opt for something that would help keep them dry and warm. A stylish man, however, wouldn’t want to be seen wearing bulky winter boots. Rather, they’ll choose something that will not only kick winter’s ass but will also have enduring appeal and quality. Luckily, there are boot styles that will readily slip into casual, smart, and somewhere in between ensembles with ease.

This blog post will give you a list of stylish boot styles you can wear in fall and winter. These men’s boots can kick winter’s ass while still looking great. Here are 6 hardworking boot styles that will see you through the season with pure, unadulterated flair.

Dress boots

Best Men’s Boots for Winter

Dress boots are actually a useful piece of cold-weather gear. They feature the practical function of durable, ankle-supporting boots while still looking trendy. These formal-focused boots are designed to mimic dress shoes from the ankle down. They are also made from fashion-friendly materials such as exotic leathers, thin laces, and decorative broguing.

With dress boots, you can stay sharp-looking even when the people around you have given up style in exchange for staying warm and dry.

Chelsea boots

Best Men’s Boots for Winter

Suede Chelsea boots are having a moment right now. We’ve seen many celebrities sporting them, and many men are taking inspiration from them. Unfortunately, suede is a delicate material and can be difficult to maintain, especially in winter. To keep them pristine, you must clean them, brush them, and apply protector spray. If you can’t be bothered with this, opt for leather Chelsea boots instead.

Chelsea boots for men are the most versatile pair of boots. You can pair them with skinny jeans and a leather jacket on casual days and even pair them with a suit when you’re headed for work. They are built for various weather conditions while still being elegant enough for formal environments.

Work boots

Best Men’s Boots for Winter

Work boots feature insulated uppers, waterproof liners, and treaded outsoles. They are weatherproof, chunky, and built for function. These men’s boots are just what you need when there’s a job to be done. Whether you’re standing on mud or snow, these boots do a great job of keeping what’s outside.

Most men wear work boots to keep their feet protected while staying comfortable. The style is there; it’s not just too attractive. Thanks to brands like Timberland, people started seeing them as fashion pieces. Later on, celebrities, fashion designers, and musicians started wearing them. They have proven to us that you can wear a pair of boots that are both functional and stylish at the same time.

Hiking boots

Best Men’s Boots for Winter

Over the past few years, sturdy hiking boots have established themselves as a foul-weather winter essential. These types of boots are usually lined with a waterproof membrane, so they are resistant to the elements. They got a nice heft, but they don’t feel overly heavy. They have cushioned footbeds, full-leather linings, ankle support, and untold comfort levels. Not only will they be able to stand up to old man winter, they’ll also keep your feet comfortable throughout the day.

Hiking boots are specially designed for men who chop down trees and climb mountains. Although we don’t recommend wearing these boots for seriously tough terrain, they will work well for occasional trips to the pub, heavy dog walking sessions, and navigating city streets.

Chukka boots

Best Men’s Boots for Winter

With their mid-weight construction, most people think that these pair of men’s boots are only cut out for spring and summer. There may be some instances wherein wearing chukka boots isn’t a good idea, but they are actually a viable option for winter.

Chukka boots are typically thin and short. Because of the shorter ankle style and unstructured nature, you should avoid wearing them once the mercury drops and the snow falls. But they’d be perfect to have when the leaves start falling.

As with Chelsea boots, Chukka boots are perfect for most office environments. They can be a great complement to your casual or business suit. Plus, they work well when paired with casual clothes such as dark denim and sweatshirt.

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