best mouthwashes

Best Mouthwashes – 2023 Reviews

Some people wonder if they should use mouthwash as a part of their daily oral hygiene routine and the quick answer to that question is a resounding yes. That’s because this product not only complements brushing and flossing but also conveys a number of other benefits to the user. This can include whiter teeth, fresher breath, and getting rid of harmful bacteria.

best mouthwashes

In fact, the benefits of this product are so numerous that we’ve decided to do a little bit of research and find the top ten best types of mouthwash currently available, and we’ve included this list below. We’ve also written a guide with everything you ever wanted to know about this product. Let’s not waste any more time discussing it, however. Let’s jump right in.

Our Top Picks for the Best Mouthwashes

best mouthwashes

Listerine Cool Mint Antiseptic For Bad Breath

[amazon box=”B00UBJQHMU” ]

This antiseptic mouthwash not only has a cool mint flavor but also kills 99.99% of all of the germs in your mouth. This results in not only fresher breath but a cleaner mouth, too. How does it do it? It does it by using eucalyptol, menthol, methyl salicylate, thymol, and of course, alcohol to create a solution that kills germs, reduces plaque, and has a minty smell to it. When used for approximately 5-weeks, twice a day for at least 30-seconds, the user will notice a cleaner and healthier mouth. It can reduce plaque by over 50 percent more than brush alone and can reduce gingivitis by up to 21 percent more.

Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Mouthwash with Zinc

[amazon box=”B00KLEFHP8″ ]

This lemon mint mouthwash uses a special formulation of zinc and oxygen to help fight bacteria-caused odors directly at the source. This product neutralizes the sulfur-producing bacteria in your mouth, which greatly reduces the incidence of bad breath. This product is made with non-toxic ingredients that consist mainly of essential oils and extracts from peppermint and lemons. It’s also alcohol-free, so it doesn’t burn the mouth or dry it out, and it contains aloe that helps to soothe the mouth as it destroys bad breath. And since it’s made with xylitol, a sweetener that naturally fights plaque, the user will not only have fresher breath but a cleaner mouth as well.

CloSYS Original Alcohol-Free

[amazon box=”B000O3VRTQ” ]

This unflavored mouthwash is alcohol-free, triclosan-free, gluten-free, and also sulfate-free. What it does have, however, is the ability to kill up to 99.99% of all of the germs in your mouth. This product is also capable of reducing plaque, balancing PH levels in your mouth, and promoting oral wellness. It has a very gentle formula that’s ideal for children and those with sensitive mouths and also helps to promote oral wellness. This product will never stain teeth, is fluoride-free, and is approved by the American Dental Association. Whether you’re looking to freshen your breath, reduce plaque, or ease discomfort from canker sores, this product is up to the task.

ACT Total Care Anticavity Fluoride Fresh Mint

[amazon box=”B001MS73GS” ]

This product does four different things to give the user the best oral hygiene possible. It strengthens teeth thanks to the power of fluoride, helps prevent cavities, kills bad breath germs, and gives the user’s breath a fresh, minty smell. This product promotes not only healthy teeth but also promotes healthy gums as well. Among fluoride mouth rinses, this is the number one rated product by dentists. Anyone who not only wants to improve their breath but also brighten their teeth, helps their teeth resist cavities, and improve their gum health may want to take a good hard look at this rinse and see if it’s suitable for them.

Perio Clear Organic Alcohol-Free

[amazon box=”B003X0CXXQ” ]

Using only botanicals grown in the wild and the extract known as phytophenolin, this mouthwash is able to deliver a formula that promotes healthy gums and teeth. This product is completely organic, preservative-free, and cruelty-free. It doesn’t contain synthetic chemicals, sodium lauryl sulfate, artificial dyes, or solvents. It contains 22 essential oils, active herbs, minerals, and vitamins that all work together. These ingredients target microbes and give the user’s mouth a natural resistance to them. Another positive feature of this product is that it also naturally moistens the user’s mouth. This alcohol-free formula also leaves breath smelling fresh and clean for hours on end, too.

Smart Mouth ACF Mint

[amazon box=”B00AZ0RPR6″ ]

This product is not only a high-quality mouthwash but is a complete system for freshening your breath and maintaining your mouth’s hygiene. This formula prevents bacteria from digesting proteins in your mouth, which prevents them from releasing sulfur compounds. When sulfur compounds aren’t released in a person’s mouth, their breath smells a whole lot better. People who use this product twice a day after brushing and flossing have reported having fresher breath that lasted for up to 24 hours. And since this product is easy-to-use, there’s really no reason for anyone not to have fresh-smelling breath. After all, this dentist-recommended formula gives them some pretty good tools for fighting foul breath.

Uncle Harry’s Alkalizing Miracle Mouthwash

[amazon box=”B00H4HCMMG” ]

When you read the ingredients for this particular mouthwash, you’ll quickly find out it really is unlike any other product on the market. Just some of the ingredients which can be found in this formulation include magnetic earth, purified ocean water, calcium carbonate, and clove oil. Wintergreen oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, and oregano. Which makes this product not only fluoride-free and glycerin-free but also free of gluten. This product is suitable for use by vegans and is made with all-natural ingredients. And since this product is designed to restore the mouth to suitable alkaline levels, it’s suitable for just about anyone.

Listerine Antiseptic Original Flavor

[amazon box=”B0096A4JPM” ]

When a product works, there is no reason to change its formula, and nothing proves that fact more than Listerine Antiseptic Original Flavor. This product works, end of the story. It not only kills the germs that make your breath bad but will also kill the germs that create plaque and cause gingivitis. And it will do it in between your teeth, on your tongue, and all over the rest of the mouth. Sure, this product provides a heavy burning sensation when it’s held in the mouth for 30-seconds, but that’s how you know it’s working. When you want to kill 99.99% of mouth germs and do it without remorse, then put this product in your oral hygiene arsenal.

Jason Power Smile Brightening Peppermint

[amazon box=”B001FB5HCO” ]

This mouthwash is not only remarkable for the ingredients it contains but is also remarkable for what it doesn’t contain. This product is manufactured without using parabens, petroleum, sulfates, gluten, or phthalates. What it does contain includes such powerful natural ingredients as grapefruit seed and perilla seed extracts, which reduce tartar buildup, and peppermint oil and menthol to freshen breath. This product is also white thanks to the natural power of calcium ascorbate and can give users a fresh, bright, and natural smile that will get them noticed. It’s a mouthwash designed to be a more natural alternative to the chemical-laden formulas of modern oral hygiene products.

Crest 3D Glamorous White Multi-Care

[amazon box=”B001F51QG6″ ]

This high-quality and pleasant-smelling mouthwash not only uses a triple-action formula that can whiten teeth in as soon as 2-days, but it also has a special white-lock technology that helps protect teeth against future stains. This product whitens teeth, protects against surface stains, and kills bad breath germs when used. It has a fresh mint flavor that greatly improves the user’s breath and doesn’t contain alcohol, which can dry out a person’s mouth. Overall, when this product is used as part of a healthy oral hygiene regimen, it can greatly improve how a person’s smile looks and how their breath smells.

Choosing the Best Mouthwash

best mouthwashes

There are two different ways to choose mouthwash: you can learn about the different types of mouthwash and decide if they convey the benefits you need, or you can simply choose one at random. Which method do you feel is most effective? Well, it’s probably no surprise that the people who do their research end up choosing a product that does a better job than the product that was picked up at random.

Sure, we know that you’re probably busy and don’t want to spend a whole lot of time doing mouthwash research, so we decided to take on the burden ourselves. We’ve researched this subject from one end to the other, and we feel confident that we’ve come up with some good information. Information that we placed in this guide so that you can choose the best mouthwash possible.

The Benefits of Mouthwash

best mouthwashes

Mouthwashes come in a variety of different types, so it’s important to know what you expect out of mouthwash before you purchase one. Below are some of the benefits of mouthwashes.

Freshens Breath

Kills bacteria associated with bad breath or plaque buildup. Removes Food Particles: Rinses accomplish this task and are often used before you brush to remove food particles.

Reduces Cavities

Mouthwashes can remove sugars that can contribute to cavities. Helps Prevent Plaque Build-Up: Reduces plaque buildup between dentist cleanings.

While reading this short list, please keep in mind that mouthwashes may not provide all of these benefits. For instance, some just whiten their teeth, and others may just freshen their breath.

Types of Products

Mouthwashes can be broken down into 3 different products: mouthwashes, fluoride rinses, and Chlorhexidine gluconate rinses. Each of these products has its pros and cons, so it’s important to know how each one works. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each product.

best mouthwashes


Mouthwashes are basically used to freshen breath, and some of them contain alcohol which can also kill germs. Some mouthwashes have whiteners in them, which help to whiten teeth.


Rinses contain fluoride and can be used to rinse away bacterial plaque and sugars. The fluoride binds into the enamel coating and helps to protect against cavities as well. Some rinses also contain whiteners that can whiten teeth.

Chlorhexidine Gluconate Rinse

This rinse is often prescribed by a dentist for short-term use. It has antibacterial properties, which help keep the user’s mouth healthy. This product should be used by anyone with tooth crowns or caps, however, and also shouldn’t be used for long periods of time. That’s because this product can stain teeth over time.

best mouthwashes

Special Needs

Once you’ve determined the type of product you need, it’s now time to think about any special features you may need the mouthwash or rinse to have. Some of the more common features include the following:

Teeth Whitening

Some products whiten teeth. They often do this using some sort of bleaching agent, such as peroxide. Generally, these products are safe to use on their own when used properly, but users should be careful when mixing different bleaching products because this can weaken teeth enamel.

Fluoride Treatment

These rinses and mouthwashes help prevent cavities. That’s because fluoride always bonds with teeth enamel and makes it stronger and more resistant to acid wear.

best mouthwashes

Alcohol-Free Formulas

Some mouthwashes contain alcohol, and alcohol can dry out a person’s mouth. If the mouth is too dry, then the mouth may become susceptible to harmful bacteria because saliva is nature’s way of reducing bacteria. Fortunately, alcohol-free formulas prevent this by removing this ingredient from their formulations.

Acid Neutralizing

Some products work by neutralizing harmful acids, which can cause tooth decay. These products are often considered a more natural way of dealing with bacteria.

Tips for Improving Your Oral Health

Now that you’ve selected the best possible mouthwash for your daily routine, we would like to end this article with some tips on improving your oral health. Adhering to the following tips will allow you to get the most out of your mouthwash and ensure that your mouth is as healthy as possible.

best mouthwashes

Use an Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are often better at cleaning teeth than manual ones. Choose a model that’s easy to hold and use and a model that has an oscillating head.

Brush At Least Twice a Day

It’s extremely important that you brush your teeth at least once in the morning and once before bed. This will ensure that sugars and bacteria particles don’t remain on your teeth for long periods of time.

Floss Each Time Your Brush

Flossing is just as important, if not more important than brushing your teeth. Some people brush their teeth but neglect to floss their teeth. This results in food particles remaining in contact with the person’s gum, and this breeds bacteria. This bacteria can then lead directly to gum disease.

best mouthwashes

Use Mouthwash

Make mouthwash a part of your daily routine. Some people not only use mouthwash after they brush and floss, but they also use a fluoride rinse before they brush. While it’s not necessary, it can help to keep tooth enamel in good condition.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Make sure that you visit your dentist on a regular basis for checkups and cleanings. Let your dentist advise you as to how often you should get regular cleanings.

Rinse After Meals

Brushing twice a day is a good start, but you are probably eating more than twice a day. If that’s the case, then make sure that you rinse out your mouth after each meal. And if you’re drinking sugary drinks, then you should rinse your mouth out after you finish the beverage.

In Conclusion

If you follow the above tips and choose the mouthwash that best suits your needs, then you can rest assured that your breath will not only begin to smell better but that your oral hygiene will vastly improve, too. Since you can never really replace your natural teeth, it’s important to take every step possible to make sure that you keep them right where they belong—in your mouth.

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