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Top 7 Best Hockey Helmet Of 2022  

Hockey is one of the games without a space for the faint-hearted. This means when playing on the ice, you need to protect every part of your body, especially your head, with the right helmet.

Without proper protection from the bottom to the top of your body, this physical game can really go wrong for you. Needless to say, the head is the most vulnerable part and requires the best hockey helmet you can get to avoid any health complications.

Sadly, choosing the right helmet won’t be as easy as you’d hope, considering the spectrum of these products on the market. However, we’ve decided to help by providing you with a detailed review of the best hockey helmets and a comprehensive buying guide to ensure you make the right choice.

Reviews of Best Hockey Helmet on the market today

Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo

Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo
  • Easy to use tool-free size adjustment
  • Includes Bauer 2100 facemask

The Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo has a tool-free adjustment system and a two-piece shell design, making it fit snugly. All you have to do is pull up the flaps, which will contract or expand the front to the helmet’s back shape. These unique features allow you to personalize the equipment to fit your head easily.

For better airflow, the Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo features a handful of vents to deliver excellent airflow and keep your head cool while you play hard on the ice. The traditional dual-density foam liner comes with a comfort VM foam, and an excellent base layer ensures the helmet feels comfortable.

Thanks to its unique construction, sliding this equipment is very traditional, comfortable, and fits perfectly. For players with a flexible budget, this product offers top quality and sports a Bauer 2100 facemask for additional protection.

This equipment features a single-density chin cut, which makes it comfortable and nice and keeps you protected. Even better, it’s available in a wide range of color options to ensure you look stylish while you play hard on the ice.

Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo includes a built-in ear cover for maximum protection. With this unit, you are assured of the highest protection a helmet can offer on the field of play.


  • CSA/HECC certified
  • Multiple color options
  • Tool-free size adjustment
  • Includes facemask and ear cover for maximum protection


  • On the pricey side

Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet

Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet
  • Easy to use tool-free size adjustment
  • Integrated ear covers for protection

Next on our list is another helmet from Bauer. This model brings a lot of safety features to the table. This classically designed helmet offers comfort and performance to ensure you are playing your “A” game without being concerned about your safety.

Speaking about protection, Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet does a great job. It incorporates an ear protection system to ensure your ears do not suffer while playing hard on the ice. Moreover, Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet allows users to adjust the equipment to fit snugly – thanks to its tool-free adjustment feature.

Furthermore, the straps are strong and durable to ensure they stay on your head irrespective of how hard you play. Also, this reliable helmet sport a unique ventilation system to ensure players are comfortable and cool. Plus, it comes in two color variants – black and white – to make you look elegant as you play.


  • Easy to wear
  • Adjustable straps
  • The incredibly hard outer shell
  • Good ear protectors


  • Does not include a sweat pad

Best Youth Hockey Helmet: Schutt 2966 Air Maxx Catch

Schutt is one of the top brands in the sports equipment industry. This brand uses the similar technology used in its top football helmet series to make the Schutt 2966 Air Maxx Catch Helmet.

Coming with similar features, you should expect this model to be very durable and protective. That’s not all; it uses the latest in TPU cushioning to deliver consistent performance across a wide range of temperatures, unlike traditional foam. Even better, this unit incorporates a unique feature, VisionShell, which makes this product well ventilated and makes you more comfortable wearing it.

What’s more? Schutt 2966 Air Maxx Catch Helmet combines its sleek design and a wide field of vision to keep everything in check. Also, it comes with an adjustable harness enabling users to fit the helmet on their heads snugly. On top of that, this model doesn’t weigh much and still doesn’t trade off maximum protection.

Schutt 2966 Air Maxx Catch Helmet comes with a facemask, which is made of carbon steel to keep the weight down and comfortable to wear. Also, you get a wide range of color options to ensure you look elegant.


  • Adjustable harness
  • Uses the latest in TPU cushioning
  • Sleek design
  • Wide field of vision
  • Carbon steel facemask


  • The pad tends to come off with time

CCM Ht50 Hockey Helmet Combo (HT50C)

Regarding budget options, the CCM Ht50 Hockey Helmet Combo can be your best bet. This helmet further attests that the brand is investing quality time to ensure players are protected against traumatic injuries.

The outer appearance of the CCM Ht50 Hockey Helmet Combo is similar to other brand series but differs on the inside. This model, instead, features a high-density PE shell to offer superior protection. With its two-piece shell, you get the best protection to help you play a better game.

Further, this unit comes with a Smart Foam for occipital and temple protection. Besides, it provides players with a tool-free adjustment system, which offers a comfortable and personalized fit. Another thing with this CCM Ht50 Hockey Helmet Combo is its open-cell memory foam and an I.Q Shion liner to offer soft and comfortable, which helps keep your face dry and free from moisture.


  • High-density PC 2-piece shell
  • Tool-free adjustment system
  • Smart foam for occipital and temple protection
  • The open-cell memory foam material


  • Features additional padding, which makes them a bit smaller than the actual size

Bauer 5100 Hockey Helmet

Bauer Prodigy Hockey Helmet Combo, Youth, White
  • 19.1" - 21.2" - Youth Size
  • Adjustable - Manually flip up side clips and pull open or close helmet for adjustments

The Bauer 5100 Hockey Helmet is super comfortable and protective. This helmet construction is slightly different since this model is fairly new to the brand’s line of products. I believe that Bauer did a great job with this model. It comes with 9,500 shells and delivers excellent protection without having to break the bank.

This helmet is a top choice for rookie and top-level players. It combines comfort foam and HX-Sorb to make a dual-density liner to make it comfortable to wear. That’s not all: it sports Ergo translucent ear covers and HECC, CSA, and CE certifications.

Further, it features a tool-free adjustment and two-piece shell construction, which makes it easier to shrink or expand to custom fit. Also, it features several layers and triple-density foam for better protection.


  • HECC, CSA, and CE certified
  • Tool-free adjustment
  • Two-piece shell construction
  • Optimized vision design profile
  • Unisex


  • Flimsy construction

Warrior Krown LTE Helmet

WARRIOR PXPH6 Ice Hockey Players Helmet, White, Medium
  • Designed for Best in class protection
  • Two unique layers of strategically selected foam offer impact protection against all types of contact

The Warrior Krown LTE Helmet has a liner converge and a four-piece shell to offer a perfect 360 fit. Also, it features a lightweight but compromising rigid protection, thanks to its dual-density lightweight EPP foam located in strategic places.

Even better, it comes with Comfort foam cushioning to ensure it fits perfectly. Plus, it comes with a four-way adjustment system and high-impact protective EPP foam liner for better comfort while you play hard on ice.


  • 4-Play Adjustment system
  • Lightweight design
  • Creates a true 360 fit
  • Comfort foam cushioning


  • The knurling isn’t rubberized

Bauer Unisex 5100 Helmet Combo (II)

Another spot is another Bauer brand designed to protect both male and female hockey players. This fairly new Bauer helmet takes the 9 500 shells and utilizes different materials to deliver outstanding protection without breaking the bank.

It includes a tool-free adjustment feature and comes with a two-piece shell design. All you have to do is flip both sides, which allows you to contrast or expand to ensure it fits your head perfectly. The interiors feature bubble earpieces for more comfort and protection. Further, it features a triple-density soft foam, which makes the inside comfortable. For maximum protection, Bauer 5100 Hockey Helmet comes with denser black material.


  • Unisex
  • honeycomb looking material
  • Bubble earpiece interior construction


  • Single color option

How to Choose the Best Hockey Helmet For Maximum Protection

How do you identify a good hockey helmet? There are a couple of factors to consider before making a choice. Without further ado, let’s take a quick look at the key features a helmet should be combined to make it safe and comfortable for use.

Best Hockey Helmet


When shopping for hockey equipment, price is often the most considered factor. But remember that it is not advisable to purchase a helmet just because it is cheap or expensive. You need to ensure that the helmet offers the right level of protection you need to help prevent head injuries. Your point of focus should not be the price point but on finding a good helmet within your budget range.


Safety is our top priority when it comes to pinning down a good hockey helmet. This equipment is now mandatory, even at the competition level. In fact, most leagues require players to wear some sort of face or eye protection with their element for additional protection.

Wearing a helmet for safety means the equipment should come with certain critical features, which will discuss in this section:


Having a helmet that fits you properly cannot be overemphasized. Regardless of how cheap or expensive the equipment is, if it doesn’t fit, it’s as bad as not playing the game of hockey without a helmet. Wearing a loose helmet can result in injuries.

Therefore it is important that the helmet comes with an adjustable feature. It is rare to find a helmet that would fit correctly, which is why the adjustable feature is essential. A good helmet should have screws to customize the tightness and ensure it fits snugly around your head and ears.


Aside from fitting snugly on your head, the product should be properly padded. Simply put, the helmet should contain some sort of thick foam padding between the plastic part and your head. The padding will protect you and help you feel more comfortable wearing it.

Best Hockey Helmet

Face/Eye Protection

When it comes to adult leagues, full face and eye protection are mandatory. Even if it’s not compulsory, it’s advisable to consider wearing a visor for extra protection. You should consider purchasing a helmet with full face or eye protection for the best protection.


To ensure you are playing with the utmost safety, the helmet should also feature a good chin strap. Most products feature a standard chinstrap, but it’s important that you ensure it’s of high quality.


While every manufacturer’s goal is to make their helmets light, some heavier options are on the market. Heavier models often come with other accessories to offer additional protection, such as full-face or eye protection. However, wearing it might be uncomfortable if it’s too heavy and result in soreness. Therefore, it ensures you consider weight when pinning down the right helmet for you.


There is nothing wrong with looking good while playing on the ice. Most helmets come in a wide range of color options to match your outfits and other accessories.


Playing hockey often requires you to be rough on your equipment, so it’s essential to check the warranty on any helmet. Although they are usually waterproof and robust, a warranty offers more peace of mind, especially the longer ones.

FAQs About Hockey Helmets

Best Hockey Helmet

How to Clean a Hockey Helmet

The best way to avoid dealing with a smelly helmet is by washing it. Take any mild soap or no-tear shampoo and thoroughly wash the exterior and interior. Then, use a towel to dry the helmet and ensure no excess shampoo is left in the padding or cracks.

However, make sure to wash and rinse off the helmet to avoid crying on the rink in your next game. Also, you should give your helmet some TLC, which helps you spot dents or cracks in your padding and shell. In case of any, you should consider purchasing a new one.

How to Put a Visor on a Hockey Helmet

The visor should be attached and tight on both screws to ensure it correctly sits straight. Also, the top and bottom of the visors should align to ensure you have enough room for airflow without gaps for sticks to get through.


There are a plethora of hockey helmets on the market. However, we’ve reviewed the top 7 best hockey helmets to offer maximum protection. Also, we are confident that you can really go wrong choosing any of the products featured on our list. Please read our buying guide to ensure a helmet protects you.

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