removing waterproof mascara without makeup remover

Removing Waterproof Mascara Without Makeup Remover: Best Ways To Not Damage Your Eyelashes

Looking for a way of removing waterproof mascara without makeup remover? This article is totally for you as right now we will provide you the proper way to remove waterproof mascara without makeup remover as well as the essential information about waterproof mascara that you need to know when owning one or in need of buying one.

Waterproof mascara is a significant item for girls’ make-up due to its amazing benefits. Brushing the mascara is easy but removing it is not a simple process. It requires you to know the proper way in order to protect your eyelashes from being harmed by some side effect of the mascara.

If you are looking for ways of removing waterproof mascara without makeup remover, do not miss this article as well as all the useful information below. We believe that it can help you a lot in removing waterproof mascara without makeup remover.

In this article, we will offer the way of removing waterproof mascara without makeup remover, benefits of using waterproof mascara, some tips to choose a mascara and ways to use it properly:

  • Waterproof mascara vs. Non-waterproof mascara
  • Advantages of using waterproof mascara
  • Things to consider before choosing the ultimate mascara
  • Removing waterproof mascara without makeup remover
  • Q&A
  • Conclusion

Waterproof mascara vs. Non-waterproof mascara

removing waterproof mascara without makeup remover

Waterproof Mascara 

There are a lot of downsides to a watertight mascara, but let me tell you about it first. Waterproof mascaras are the perfect choice for girls who get intimately watery eyes, like your common mascara. Mascaras waterproof have a powerful retain type to keep curling and avoid pointing or continuing linear.

While the advantages above sound great, the use of a waterproof mascara is also a few downs. First of all, because of its dense, powerful carrying recipe, it is not suggested to use on each base. It prevents humidity from your cloves, so your cloves become drier and weaker over the long term. If you are a huge fan of waterproof mascara and cannot “just” validate daily use, you want to engage in an eyelash moisturiser at least. 

After cleaning your make-up you’ll be surprised by the amount of mascara that remains. Mascaras that are waterproof are worse to be removed and may lead to microbes being created if not carefully monitored (every day). It makes removal even harder due to the dryness, powerful holding formula. An oil-based maquillage cleanser is the great solution for your removal process. You should also use cocoa or olive oil, and both work fantastically!

Non Waterproof Mascara 

It is ideal for use on a daily basis, on eyelids, thinner and softer. Although I still suggest oil use, most non-waterproof mascaras are quickly erased with only warm water. Sadly, the formula is more comfortable in your eyelashes and a water resistant mascara but you will not dry it. You’d probably run down your cheeks if your eyes got wet. The worst case is that it can filter in your eyes.

Figure out the most important things for you so that you won’t have any trouble making decisions.

Advantages of using waterproof mascara

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You will currently discover many different types of Mascara on the market. However, waterproof products and solutions currently include the most preferred types of mascaras. As given below, there are a lot of important reasons why waterproof mascaras, together with women of all ages, are effective and well-known between them.

In the name of the waterproof mascaras, the most efficient component is the fact that they really are waterproof. Thus, no water that is more difficult to serve, only drinking water is removed throughout the whole water. Even if it could potentially mean that the mascara may be harder to get rid of, it takes much more time and effort to remove the main advantaged waterproof mascara. By using a small eye-making soap, your eyes are clean and ready quickly to make the next request.

You may be happy to discover that it will not spill directly over your face when you view an unhappy video or maybe allow feelings for a person for the next reason while wearing this type of mascara. Nevertheless, when these people are plentiful, even the most effective, powerful and finest water-proof makeup manufacturers can often be slightly divided with their sodium. Although generally waterproof mascara can happily withstand an excellent sadness.

Waterproof mascara can not exactly start or smudge when the weather is wetter, too. This is often a massive benefit, depending on where you live, as well as the local weather you feel everyday. Mascara is quite easy to get out in chosen soggy areas due to humidity and heat that can manage it and spread the light of day to create darker sands around your eyes. Another component that can have an effect on mascaras is rainwater. Although the real rain may help remove mascaras that are not water-resistant, bad weather can also cause air humidity, which could help mascara to become more likely. Although the real rain can help to get away with a mascara that is non-waterproof, the bad weather can generate moisture in the air and make it work and smudge as well.

Waterproof mascara provides women, for example entrepreneurs. Waterproof mascaras allow you to get through your day with confidence, without worrying about the work of your own mascara and the eyelashes that look very sleek and nasty because the last option of your day is around. Business women and working women tend to be active and also concerned that you can stop and apply their mascara at all times together with other make-up

Waterproof mascara can be useful for your health or other sports when you are at the health club. Regular mascara is so easy to sweat away, causing the physical temperature to run and smude up. Typically, standard mascara “melt” off your vision as it is washed out by your sucker. This challenge doesn’t exist because waterproof mascara is placed all along the exercise to keep you clean while you go to the fitness centre.

removing waterproof mascara without makeup remover

When you plan to apply waterproof mascara, it is very important that you do so before applying the actual waterproof mascara if you want to curl your eyelash. This acquisition helps to develop the luscious look and complete eyelids.

When using the waterproof mascara, make sure that the actual comb is clean and free of pollution or pollution. In the mascara the actual cleaning must be extensively protected when placed at the beginning of one’s lashes, close to the inside of your mind, and pulled straight through the end. The whole eyelash will be handled in the same way. Shake your pebbles and overlap the area you currently may have used mascara to do. Continue this process until the entire lash of your eye is covered.

Use a tip with the water-resistant mascara brush and mop that around the base lace, emulating the dyes with a marker if you are using water-proof mascara on your own bottom lace pins.

It’s just a strategy to invest in this kind, if you take part in various activities in which the mascara can easily spread or even manage. If you are built to activate your make-up several times each day, it is also a good idea to make using water-resistant mascara a bit easier to generate your health.

Things to consider before choosing the ultimate mascara

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Length of lash

Many longing mascaras are ideal for girls with short stubborn cloves. There are many. If you have pretty long ones, they might not be as useful. One of the best tips to get the ultimate mascara is how it looks. If you need assistance in the long distance department, get a longer form. If not, stay with a lightweight version or weigh your lashes down and may be inconvenient.

Lash thickness

You are lucky if you have thick and full lashes because you can choose a lightweight standard mascara. On the other hand, you may need a specialist product formulated to add dimensions and volume to each limp if you have thinner sparser clogs.

Size of the wand

When you’re looking for a comfortable wall shape, sizes and length, everybody is somewhat different. Feel the various options until you find one in your hand. In this way you can apply your mascara, without being uncomfortable and frustrated, you can get a nice even application. Simple enough, right, right

Type of brush

If I don’t have a curved brush to put it in, I hate mascara. There are certainly other girls with a curved brush, who hate. Read the product package before you buy a mascara tube to find out what brush you get. Another common form are big round ones. It’s easier to get my mascara on without moving my face. I like a curved brush.


tieu chi mua mascara 1

The water-resistant formula is used instead of selecting a waterproof mascara. Experts say waterproof mascara can put you under your eyes with rings and it’s really hard to get away. On the other hand, water-resistant formulas prevent running when you weep or get wet but are much easier to do when washing your face.


To choose the one that gives you a dramatic look if you want a new mascara for a major event, such as a holiday party or a city night. That means selecting a product that lengthens, spreads and darkens everything together. Such a multifunctional mascara can definitely be found in a variety of prices at most shops selling make-up.


When you choose your mascara, it’s important to think about colour. Black is the best choice and can easily be found in most shops. But brown, navy blue, green and even purple can also be found. Trying different colors is fun and a great new perspective can give your entire appearance.

Brush size


Believe or not, there is some science in the design of the brush of a mascara. Everything from its size and shape to the wall bristles material will influence your last look. It is best, if you want to add volume to your laminate without clustering, to begin by using a wand mascara with long bristles. A shorter wand cannot coat your labels in one stroke so you will have to apply several labels to achieve the same effect that can lead to more clumps and more spider leg labelling.

Choose a wand with a cushioned brush material, if you are thick, long lashes. Your pins will be sufficiently large to push the wall down and take up the formula. You want your wand made of silicon or rubber if you have short, thin lace. When made with silicone, less product sticks on the wall, so more mascaras are transferred to your eyelashes. The shorter and fiber lashes cannot push a coated wand back in the same way as the thicker lashes do so, so the eyelashes are dispensed with too little product.


ColourPop BFF Mascara Color 1400px 1

Another thing you would like to consider is the formula if you shop for a new mascara! Now, frankly, in the past 50 years, the mascara formula has not greatly changed. The basics (wax, pigments and film formers) are all identical (source). Some brands have claimed to innovate in the way they formulate their mascara or coat the cloves.

The brush is essential because mascara formulas have not changed much. This will truly affect the appearance of the mascara. Get a water-soluble formulation because removing is easier and you will not scrub it in your eyes. They’re much better for daily wear. Water-solution formulas are also much easier to lay without flakes or clumps.

Waterproof formulas are made with almost equal ingredients, but with a major difference. Their products are waterproof. “Surprising to the water resistance is the inclusion of dodecan, which is also used as jet fuel for long and saturated hydrocarbons.” It’s hard to lay and difficult to remove. When I was younger, I used to consider this a cool lifehack – mascara you can’t remove! The most effective maquillage ever! But I know now that your lashes are really bad.

Types of formula

Blue mascara

Lengthening mascaras

Even the smallest lace will look longer at its roots with the best lengthening mascara. These formulas cling to the ground to distinguish them, so you have shorter and more stubborn lashes. They are ideal.

Curling mascaras

A curling mascara helps you with just a few coats to build your intensity. They contain filming polymers that contract and create a pronounced shape for those with straight or maldefined cloths. Usually your eyelashes are slightly bent in order to imitate the desired contour.

Waterproof mascaras

Waterproof mascara includes a formulation of mineral oil and wax that stays in place. They’re a face-saving preference, especially made to resist weather conditions, tearing and sweat, when you have oily lids that constantly smudge your mascara. Find your perfect. 

Volumising mascaras

A bulky mascara is dense, so the formula can be coated and separated right from its roots. The ingredients that are specially chosen are ideal when thin or limp, as they contain silicone polymers and special waxes that lift and provide volume.

Volumising mascaras

A bulky mascara is dense, so the formula can be coated and separated right from its roots. The ingredients that are specially chosen are ideal when thin or limp, as they contain silicone polymers and special waxes that lift and provide volume.

Lash-defining mascaras

The best mascara for both straight and short lace formulas offer all the advantages in one go: volume, length and colour. They are thicker and stronger with filming polymers for extra thickness and for a longer effect.

Hypoallergenic mascaras

Hypoallergenic and formulated to prevent eye irritation, are the best mascaras for sensitive eyes. Look for one with nutrients like aloe and vitamin E to provide additional protection for fragile cloves.

Removing waterproof mascara without makeup remover

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Below are the essential ways that you need to know to remove waterproof mascara without makeup remover. Read the below steps carefully to carry on your removal process well.

Mascara can make your eyelashes dry, stiff, brittle and sometimes result in a loss of clogging over time. This makes the focus on correct product removal particularly important. While the drugstore has many types of maquillage removers, more people are looking to alternatives at home.

Yogurt or Milk

It might not be the first ingredient in mind, but it was also found to effectively remove eyeliner and mascara by dairy products such as milk and yogurt. Milk may be used for skin hydration and stubborn product removal. Either whole milk or yogurt is all you need to do.

  • Start with a ball of cotton in the milk (or yogurt).
  • Swip lightly through the eye area of the cotton pad.
  • Continue to remove all mascara.
  • Rinse with tidy water. 
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Baby Wipes

Perhaps you used to take cosmetics off with these handy wipes to remove make-up. They are popular because you can take them quickly, easily and on the go. Baby wipes are an alternative. These are suitable for use as a softer and more sensitive skin instead of a traditional wipe. Moreover, it is often cheaper to use baby towels.

  • Take out the packaging and adjust the size of one baby wipe. (Since these can be larger than a regular makeup wipe, you might want to cut or fold them a couple of times.)
  • Wipe the mascara gently in the towel.
  • To remove all the remaining product, rub in circular motions.
  • Throw away your cloth once it’s all removed.


Vaseline and petroleum jelly are also available. This hidden gem is probably already in your medicine office – and it can transform your night routine. StyleCraze not only calls it the best eye maquillage remover but is affordable, efficient and hydrated. If that is not enough, it can actually make your eyelids thicker as time goes on with this removal of mascaras.

  • Give the Vaseline a cotton swab.
  • Run the swab in order to break the product along the latter line and on the cups.
  • You can wipe it off with a cotton pad or washcloth.
  • Wash your face as normal.

Cold Cream

Over the years, cold creams, ranging from the base to lip balm and body lotions, had been used in many ways. One unforeseen way to use it is to double your cold cream as a make-up remover. An allure report found that the ingredients combined worked well to remove maquillages and calm inflamed skin.

  • Put a little cold cream on your fingers directly.
  • Close your eyes and rub the cream over your eyelashes carefully.
  • Remove a wet washcloth from the product.
  • Taking a dry towel over the area, remove any excess water.

Baby lotion

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Everyone with sensitive skin or anxiety should reach the lotion of the baby. It is an outstanding alternative to traditional removers, often hard and dry. You can get a bottle of Johnson Baby Lotion to remove make-up from items you have lying around (or can pick it up at a reasonable price). It is designed to be soft on the skin, allowing your mascara to be taken away without any unwanted irritation.

  • Take a little lotion and rub it between your fingertips.
  • Apply to the eyelids directly.
  • Move your fingers to break your mascara in circular motions.
  • Wash before cleansing your face with a cotton pad or washcloth.

Although the removal techniques above can remove mascaras quickly and easily, waterproof products often necessitate something more intense. Just like the eyecast cleanser, oil or oil blends break down enduring formulas most effectively. They also add extra moisture to the clothes, which is essential because water resistant mascaras can make them more likely to become dry and break.

Coconut Oil

This marvelous component has numerous uses from cooking, homework and beauty routines. You have a jar of coconut oil in your house most likely already. Medical Daily discusses the importance of natural oils in your skins because they can purify your skin without getting too dry. Even the most stubborn and pigmented makeup products may be removed.

  • Screw a little coconut oil and heat it up to liquefy in your fingers.
  • On a cotton pad frozen it.
  • Press the cotton pad to your eyelashes and close your eyes. Wait until the product is dissolved for 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Wipe the mascara away slowly and dry it with tidy water.

Witch Hazel and Almond Oil

removing waterproof mascara without makeup remover

There is also an alternative recipe to consider when coconut oil is not your thing. Witch hazel and almond oil work together to remove complicated make-up, including waterproof mascara! Well known actress and blogger of lifestyle Julianne Hough has labeled this her favorite omnipresent maquilator. The concoction can easily be stored for 6 months and removes waterproof maquillage, does not stick or irritate your eyes.

  • Mix 2 witch hazel cubes, two almond oil cubes and two water table tablespoons (preferably filtered) into one container. Mix together.
  • Shake the mixture well into a cotton pad. Shake well.
  • Swipe the cotton pad over the eyelashes and close your eyes.
  • Wipe away gently and rinse with tidy water.

Must Mascara Tips Removal

You’re almost ready to say ‘so long’ to stubborn maquillage with plenty of removal options. Here are some more tips and tricks to take into consideration:

  • Use a Q-Tip for additional precision if you have difficulties removing washable mascaras along the lash line.
  • Don’t scrub your eyelashes at any time. Be gentle! Be gentle! It can otherwise cause irritation of the eye or even breakage of the eyelash.
  • Be careful when using cotton pads or wipes, because your eyelids can be too strong.
  • If a mascara remover is found to be excessively harsh, hot water moisten the cotton pad before using the removal ingredient.

If you would like to watch the specific steps of the removal process, this following video will be helpful to you:

If you are looking for other skincare products, these ice packs for the face are also must-have products, do not hesitate to click this article to check out the best ones.


What is your shade of waterproof mascara?

In various shades, the mascaras come. The rule is to match the shade of your hair with the colour of your mascara. Black and brown are the most common shades of mascara. Therefore, it’s better for you if your hair is dark, black or blue. Mascara’s brown or light shades work well for lighter colored hair.

Is the mascara waterproof easy to use?

We are not artists. We are not artists. Most of us are not, at least. The easy application of the mascara you will eventually select must be taken into account. The usual and possibly only way of using the water resistant mascara is by using a brush. Select a mascara with a brush that is easy to operate. Short stem brushes, particularly for those new to the idea of mascaras, are recommended. Short-bristle brushes are perfect for short lashes. They tend to be less uncomfortable and can use the mascara more effectively on cloves that are harder to reach than long-barred burns.

It is also easy to apply the coherence of the mascara. Waterproof mascaras, especially when the formulation is oil-based, are expected to be thick. Thick mascaras are more difficult to use and take more time than mascaras that consist of water-soluble ingredients. Mascaras are understandably thinner, with water-soluble ingredients.

How durable do you want your waterproof mascara to be?

removing waterproof mascara without makeup remover

It depends on the length of your time and how frequently you want to replace the mascara if you are prepared. Most mascaras are waterproof and are long lasting. It depends on their formulation how long mascara lasts. If the mascara is water-soluble, it will probably not be as long lasting and it will not be water-resistant as you would expect. Oil-based waterproof mascaras are expected to last for the duration of any activity. There will be no need for re-use or re-touching at all.

Is it easy to remove the waterproof mascara?

The more waterproof a mascara, the more difficult it is to wash off, unfortunately. Mascaras waterproof require the removal of good makeup removers. If removal is your primary concern, hope remains. Mascaras are washable which can be removed easily. These Mascaras consist of components that are water soluble. Nevertheless, bear in mind that choosing a mascara easy to remove can also compromise the waterproof capability.


Removing waterproof mascara is a significant process when removing your makeup. You need to know the proper way to protect your eyelashes. We believe that after reading this article, you will be able to choose the best to remove your mascara. If you are also looking for body wash removal products, do not hesitate to click this article.

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