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It’s tough to know which watch is the best for you. There are so many options on the market, and it can be hard to tell which one will last the longest or look the best on your wrist. Not only do you have to worry about those factors, but also whether or not the watch is automatic, has 17 jewels, and more. Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels is for you.

Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels watches are a great option for anyone looking for a high-quality timepiece. These watches are automatic, meaning they’re powered by your natural movements, and they come with 17 jewels for extra precision and accuracy. With a variety of styles available, there’s sure to be a Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels.

Things To Consider When Buying Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels

Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels

Your Budget

Automatic watches can be quite expensive, so make sure you have a set budget in mind before you start shopping. If you don’t, this will make it all too easy to spend more than you planned. Of course, if you are serious about buying a watch of good quality then it is likely that the price will be high.


Automatic watches are often associated with being made by the brand Seiko – this won’t be an issue if you are already familiar with them. If you have never heard of Seiko before, then this is something to consider in terms of the reliability and quality of the watch in comparison to other brands.


Automatic watches are generally not commonly available at department stores or boutiques. You will need to look online or ask your friends for recommendations to find a place where you can purchase one.

If this is not something that bothers you, then it isn’t really an issue. It’s simply worth being aware of as it means the watch may be difficult to replace if lost or damaged – however as these watches tend to last a long time, this might not be much of an issue.


There are many different designs to choose from when it comes to Seiko Automatic Jewels watches, so take your time and find one that suits your style. This is a personal decision, so you should choose something that feels right to you, without being too flashy. Many people opt for more casual styles of watch, while some prefer the more traditional look.

Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels


Most automatic watches are not very comfortable due to their size and weight – this will vary from person to person however. If you want to feel the full benefits of your watch, then it’s important to pick one that you can easily wear all day. The band should be adjustable so it is easy to slip on and off without struggling – try this before you buy if possible.


You should also consider the materials the watch is made from before making a purchase. Stainless steel tends to be more expensive, but offers better durability and scratch resistance – this also varies based on the design. Some watches only have gold plating over stainless steel, which can wear away with repeated use or exposure to water – however if not exposed to water then these watches tend to last for a long time.


Automatic watches are quite complex and there is more involved in the mechanism than simply winding up. It is important to try out any watch before you purchase it – this will give you a feel for how well the mechanics work, as well as whether or not the face of the watch suits your style. Once you have done this, make sure to check that it keeps time accurately – if not then consider a different watch.

Number of Jewels

Seiko Automatic Jewels was made by Seiko and has a Maximum Wrist Circumference measured at 210 X 170 Millimeters. The movement is an Automatic, which means the wearer moves their arms to wind the mechanism inside. The Diameter of the watch case is 48 millimeters and it weighs 183 Grams. The bracelet band type is Strap , which means this accessory will look best with a matching band color on your wrist.

Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels


Next, you should consider the dial of the watch. This is a complex part, so it’s important to take a look at before making your purchase – this will be one of the most prominent features on the watch, so it’s best not to select something you won’t like!

The color may vary from black or silver depending on which type of design you go for, and other variations such as blue or red can be found. Some come with a glass cover, while others make use of a mineral crystal face – although both will need to be treated carefully and prevent scratches if you want your watch to last.

Special features

The next step is to consider the special features of Seiko Automatic Jewels watches. These include whether or not there is a date feature, how many different time zones the watch can keep track of and what type of backlight it uses – all features to consider carefully before making your purchase. If you plan on using your watch for swimming or other water-based activities then make sure it is resistant – this will also affect the price and quality of the watch.


Always check the warranty before purchasing any watch – this will give you peace of mind and cover you should anything go wrong. Warranty periods may vary depending on the brand and manufacturer, but one year is a standard length to expect.

Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels Review

Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels

Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels is an one of the most popular automatic watch ever manufactured by Seiko. It was first introduced to public in 1969 and has been sold more than 10 million times up until now. Being so popular, it is not difficult for people to recognize this classic watch when they see it.

The case design of Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels is one of its most attractive points. The case is compact and polished to a mirror finish, which brings out the sharp edges of its design without making it too bulky on the wrist. People can easily wear this watch with any type of attire at any formal or casual event.

The crown of Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels is designed in an unusual way that it looks like it is located at the 4 o’clock position, where actually it is at the 8 o’clock position. The location of crown allows people to set its time and date with much easier operation than other watches.

Furthermore, the curved surface of the crown makes it capable for people to pull out it by just using one hand. The operation of the crown is extremely smooth and it requires very little force to operate.

Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels use “Diashock” as its shock-resistant system, which was one of the most advanced technology in those days. Currently this technology has also been used by many other watch makers, but Seiko was the first company that used it.

The dial of this watch is also an attractive point of its design. The raised hour markers give people a clear indication of time, making it easier for them to read the time with just one glance at their wrist. Also the sweeping hands allow people to know what time it is without even seeing the minute and second hands clearly.

Who Is Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels For?

Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels

Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels is for people who want a watch that is both automatic and has 17 jewels. It is also for people who want a watch that is durable and will last a long time. Many people like the low price of Seiko watches, but that is not why you would buy this watch. You can get a cheap watch anywhere. You buy Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels because it has great performance and is an all around great automatic watch with its own uniqueness.

Pros Of Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels

The pros of Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels are that it is a very durable watch and will last a long time. It also has great performance and is an all around great automatic watch. Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels is also unique with its own style. Additionally, Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels is very affordable and extremely easy to buy. It can be found in many different department stores or online.

Cons Of Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels

The cons of this watch are that it is an automatic watch so you have to go through the hassle of setting it every day if you do not wear it. There is also no date function on this watch which may be a downside for some people. The only con of Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels would be that it is all plastic and can break easily. Also, it does not come in many different designs like other watches do.

Features & Benefits

Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels


The size of Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels is identical to the size of Seiko 5. It has 38mm without crown and 41.5mm with crown which is widely considered as the most suitable size for men. It is thin at 9.5mm which makes it sit very comfortably on hand.


The case of Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels is also known as “Jumbo” where the diameter exceeds 40mm for men’s watch. There are many different designs and styles for this type of watches, but the case of Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels is round and it has simple and clean design without too much decoration.

The cushion case shape is one of the most popular among men’s watches. It consists of a square or rectangular bottom with rounded corners. There are so many variations of this type of watch, but the only thing they have in common is that there is no sharp angles on any surface.


The crystal used for Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels is Hardlex which is similar to mineral crystal. It provides basic level scratch resistance and impact protection at affordable price range. It is widely used by many watch companies because it is difficult to scratch and has a less chance of explosion.

Luminous Hands & Markers

Hour markers on the Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels are painted with white or silver color luminous material, which makes them glow brightly after absorbing light from any source for some time. It ensures you can read the time in darkness.

Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels

Water Resistance Depth

The water resistance depth of Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels is 30m which makes it suitable for hand washing, rain shower & swimming. But not suitable for diving.

Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels is functional in water resistance down to 30 meters (100 feet). This watch has no diving features. The black dial continues the sleek styling.

Date Display

The day and date windows are at 3 o’clock position which can be seen clearly without moving your wrist. This feature is a great advantage because you don’t need to adjust your watch wrongly by a day or two after wearing it for long time.

Power Reserve Indicator

One unique feature for this type of watch is power reserve indicator which was not available before. It allows to know how much power stays in the watch and can prevent from unexpected stop (low battery problem).

Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels


The strap of Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels is made of stainless steel which gives a classic feeling and look. It has simple buckle clasp which ensures it stays securely on hand.


Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels has Seiko Caliber 7S26 which beats at 21,600 BPH with hacking feature. It is a self-winding mechanical movement so you don’t need to shake it to keep the power reserve. Quality of this movement is not comparable to Swiss/Japanese automatic movement, but it is good enough for everyday usage.


The watch comes with 2 yrs international warranty from official distributor (UPC Broad). It covers any manufacturing defects and most importantly it has no battery replacement costs.


This type of Seiko 5 differs from the classic model by its blue dial and black crystal indexes. The quickset date function is a nice bonus, making this watch easy to set without worrying about the date.

It is very difficult to find this type of watch with day & date display. We like this version much more than normal Seiko 5 because it has luminous hands, markers and power reserve indicator. This model also comes with two year warranty instead of one year for original version.


SEIKO 5 Men’s SNK793 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

SEIKO 5 Men's SNK793 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch with Blue Dial
  • Classic stainless steel bracelet watch with exhibition back featuring blue sunray dial and day/date window
  • Age Group : Adult ; 36 mm stainless steel case with Hardlex dial window

SEIKO 5 Men’s SNK793 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch is a great watch. The differences between this product and Seiko 5 SNZG15K1 are fairly slight – there is a day function on the dial of the watch, it has a smaller face with no numbers but a big bold line in the middle of it.

There is a slightly different design on the hands, but that’s about it. The bezel is not black in colour and also an off white colour head to the watch. There is a lot of information on the dial face and it can be overwhelming to look at for some people.

The bracelet is stainless steel, not the black resin that it looks like in the product photos. We read several reviews before buying this watch and many people have commented on the same thing – the numbers are very small. You need to be close up or have good eyesight to see them properly.

Overall, this watch is still a fantastic piece and would make a great addition to any collection – causal or formal. The price differential between these two watches however is fairly significant, so if you are looking for something more than just an alternative but within a budget, this watch is good. Apart from that, it is almost exactly the same in technical specifications and even looks similar!

Seiko Men’s SNK375K Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

Seiko Men's SNK375K Automatic Stainless Steel Watch
  • Precise 21 Jewel Japanese Automatic movement
  • Hardlex crystal; Brushed and polished stainless steel case and bracelet

Seiko Men’s SNK375K Automatic Stainless Steel Watch is new addition to Seiko’s entry-level automatic watch family. It features a classic design and traditional round stainless steel case. Men’s Seiko SNK375K Watch is a Japanese automatic wristwatch with 17 jewels movement.

It has silver dial, black hands and black Arabic numeral hour markers which makes it look classic and nice. It is very comfortable to wear as it weighs only 5 ounces thanks to its light weight case.

Seiko Men’s SNK375K Watch has a stainless steel bracelet and it is water resistant to 50 meters / 165 feet / 5 atm. In short, Seiko Men’s SNK375K Automatic Stainless Steel Watch is a perfect timepiece for daily use or sports activities that will not disappoint you in any way.

It features 17 jewels automatic mechanism, day and date display, stainless steel case with silver ion plating on top of it, high quality brushed finished stainless steel band and last but not least it has Hardlex crystal glass protecting its dial from scratches.

Seiko Men’s SNK375K is not only good looking G-Shock look alike, it has all functions of great looking sports watch. It combines excellent value for the money with world renown Seiko’s quality. If you are looking for automatic watch under $100, this one is definitely something to consider.

SEIKO Men’s SNK809 SEIKO 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

SEIKO Men's SNK809 SEIKO 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch with Black Canvas Strap
  • To the start the watch initially, swing from side to side in a horizontal arc about 30 seconds.
  • 37 mm stainless steel case and Hardlex mineral dial window and Precise 21-jewel automatic movement with analog display

SEIKO Men’s SNK809 SEIKO 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch is a remarkable piece that will glamorize your look. It comes with a blue dial having luminous hands and stick index hour markers, making it easy to read the time even in dark conditions.

The dial also exhibits 3 sub-dial displays for convenient readings of day, date and 24 hours time; besides its sturdy design is water resistant up to 30 meters. This watch is backed by a stainless steel case and a blue leather strap that secures it firmly on your wrist. It has 17 jewel movement with an accuracy of +25 seconds per day.

The transparent case back allows you to see the inner workings, which adds to its charm. This watch is suitable for casual events, office wear, camping and outdoors. It has a mineral glass that protects it from scratches. This watch is a compelling choice to adorn your looks and give you a distinctive look.


Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels

Do I need to wind my watch before wearing it?

Since your Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels watch is mechanical, you will need to wind it before wearing it. This is because the mainspring that powers the watch has to be fully wound before it starts ticking. To do so, rotate the crown counterclockwise 20 complete turns.

How often should I wear my watch?

Ideally, you should wear your watch every day to ensure optimal performance. However, if you are unable to wear it for an extended period of time, we recommend winding it every 30 days to keep its accuracy and power reserve in check.

Does my watch have a warranty?

Since your Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels is brand new, it comes with all the manufacturer’s original packaging and documentation. This includes a warranty card that must be registered to activate its 2-year limited international warranty.

How do I adjust the date on my Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels ?

To adjust the date on your Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels, first pull the crown out to the second stop. Then use the hands on the watch to turn the date wheel until the desired date is reached. Finally, push the crown back in to its original position.


Seiko Automatic 17 Jewels is a great example of how the watch industry has always been ahead of its time. This watch features an automatic movement that’s powered by your body, so you never need to replace batteries or wind it up like most quartz watches do today. The best part about this particular model is that it comes with both day and date complications on the dial for easy reading at-a-glance. Plus, there are no small parts which makes maintenance more convenient than ever before!

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