best shoes for walking on concrete


If your feet would talk, they would certainly tell you that walking on concrete for several hours and seven days a week terrifies them. Almost everyone now in the modern world comes into contact with concrete floors at least once a day. Office buildings, schools, tarmac roads, churches, homesteads, and malls, to name just but a few, all have concrete floors.

As it turns out, these floors are not so friendly to our feet. Walking long hours on them can get very uncomfortable and exerting. The only way our feet cry out for help from these surfaces is through blistering, soreness, and developing defense mechanisms by getting calloused. The truth is, this is not what we want for the most vital parts of our bodies, the feet.

To give your feet the proper protection and cushioning that they truly deserve as they carry you up and down throughout the day, we have put together a comprehensive list of the best shoes for walking on concrete floors.



ASICS Men's Gel-Contend 5 SL Walker Shoes, 11, Black/Graphite Grey
  • The ASICS® GEL-Contend® 5 Walker is built for the daily walker looking for a walking shoe with versatile style and long-lasting stability.
  • Predecessor: GEL-Contend 5.

This pair of shoes is an excellent blend of style and functionality. They are designed to offer durability since they will be interacting with hard concrete- a not-so-merciful surface- for most of their waking hours. The material used for the sole of these shoes is constructed to work against wear and tear that is most often caused by being in regular impactful contact with such hard surfaces.

These shoes also have an amazing ventilation system to bring a cooling effect and regulate the temperature in your enclosed feet. This very convenient feature helps to boost the comfortability of your magic pair of shoes through moisture control. The ventilation feature also will it that every sweat formed when it gets ultra-hot in there is quickly absorbed, and the feet cooled and refreshed.

Asics 5 Walker is constructed to offer unparalleled sole support to avoid unnecessary injuries on varying concrete textures. They also offer optimal structural support for your midfoot and fortify your toes. For personalized heel support, these shoes are designed to conform to the unique shape of your feet.


  •         Versatile style and durable stability.
  •         Lightweight and flexible response.
  •         Lace-up closure.
  •         Synthetic upper material
  •         Padded tongue and color.
  •         Breathable fabric lining.
  •         Ortholite sockliner
  •         Amplifoam Mid-sole.
  •         Platform adaptability.


These shoes are the ultimate product by one of the most revered shoe designers in the world, Skechers. That being said, you can be assured that this pair has a lot of the best things to offer. The first thing you will notice about these shoes is their uniqueness and the amazing touch of style and confidence. Its sturdy, rugged appearance looks as if it would stamp the hard concrete into mere dust.

These slip-on Loafers will keep your feet comfortable for as long as they are required to stay put inside the shoes. The cushioning they offer, whether you are spending your day standing or walking around on the hard-concrete surface, is unmatched and overly supportive. Should your feet need a quick gasp of fresh air and some stretching in-between times, these shoes are so easy to slip in and out of them.

The shoes will sit firmly on your feet whether you run or kick around haphazardly in the air for as long as you have your right size.  They are also very flexible, and it feels so good and very easy to walk in them because of their very lightweight. Your toes and feet will be kept dry and cool throughout a hectic day, and you will rarely need to slip out of them. If you are a person who cares well for his deserving possession, these shoes are durable enough, and they can serve you to the next generation.


  •         100% Leather.
  •         Imported.
  •         Rubber soles.
  •         Relax fit.
  •         Gel-infused Memory foam insole.
  •         Elastic goring.
  •         Slip-on style shoes.
  •         Lightweight and durable.
  •         Great comfort, style, and breathability.


This pair of shoes will bring out your amazing sense of style at your workplace because they are particularly designed as office shoes. They will help you to tackle the unforgiving concrete floors as you run from office to office and stand for hours on end to do a long presentation for a panel of mean-looking clients and their counsel.

Perhaps the lace-up style with the full-grain leather uppers will help your clients have more faith and confidence in you. After all, they normally say, “dress how you want to be addressed or judged.” Apparently, one of the many ways to clinch the million dollars contract is through sharp and confident looks, and this pair of comfortable shoes will give you just that on a silver platter.

While at that, the shoes have a shock-absorbing feature with textile lining to ensure that your feet are well-cooled and stay dry during those nervous hot moments. In fact, you will stay stable and very comfortable through it all, and the footbed will help to whisk away all the odors from long hours of being in the shoes and sweating nonstop on them.


  •         100% Leather.
  •         EVA foam heel and soles cap.
  •         Classic and stylish.
  •         Ortholite foam footbed for breathing.
  •         Removable footbeds for custom-made orthopedic insoles.
  •         Textile lining.
  •         Nylon stability shank.
  •         Full-grain leather uppers.


Merrell Men's Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe
  • Polished slip-on with supportive sole unit and padded collar
  • Merrell air cushion in the heel absorbs shock. Compression molded EVA footframe for stability and comfort

This is a pair of shoes that every man worth his salt will have in his shoe closet. These shoes are very stylish and classic in their own unique and less chartered ways. When you are in these shoes, your feet will always be dry, well-ventilated, and very comfortable. These shoes have a feature that helps to reduce odor emission and regulate clean fresh air within your feet. What else would you possibly want?

If you are a person who prefers custom-made orthopedic insoles, the footbed of these shoes can be safely removed and replaced. The padding and air cushioning strategically placed will take many hours of walking and standing on concrete floors unnoticeable to your feet because they are well-protected.

If you are a person who walks and stand a lot, the soles of these shoes will not shame you with the ugly wear and tear appearance. The outsoles of these shoes are constructed with very durable materials. These reliable soles are also very stable and slip-resistant, and in the event of an accident, the shock impact feature will urgently come to your epic rescue.


  •         100% full-grain leather.
  •         M-select grip sole.
  •         The sole supportive unit and padded collar.
  •         Air cushion in the heel to absorb shock.
  •         Removable compression-molded EVA footframe.
  •         Ortholite footbed.


Rockport Men's Eberdon Loafer
  • GENUINE LEATHER: Leather upper is easy to clean and maintain, and looks and feels even better with time
  • BREATHABLE LINING: Mesh lining wicks away moisture to keep your feet cool and dry, while enhancing overall breathability

These imported loafers are 100% leather, and they are constructed to make your constant walking and standing on concrete floors for extended periods very bearable and comfortable. The upper part of the shoes, which is genuine leather helps to provide breathing and good ventilation for your enclosed feet.

The shoe artwork is very stylish, modern-looking, and very classic in its simple ways. The stitching accents on the upper parts give the impression of classical embroidery, with the sides of the shoes offering a snug and secure fit. The collar of the shoes is softly padded and it makes the upper part of your feet securely cozy and covered.

As you walk up and about the harsh concrete floors, your feet will barely feel any exertion or discomfort because they are well cushioned on the bed. The heels are designed to intercept any oncoming hard shock and protect your feet from any injuries. These shoes are designed to offer you full support when standing, walking, or running across the concrete.


  •         100% Leather.
  •         Imported.
  •         Rubber soles.
  •         Full-grain leather loafers.
  •         Dual elastic sides goring insets and padded collar.
  •         Mesh lining.
  •         EVA and rubber outsoles.
  •         Latex cushioned footbed.


Skechers Men's Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker
  • Lace-up sneaker featuring mesh upper with supportive overlays and padded collar
  • Cushioned mesh tongue

The most amazing thing about the Skechers shoes you can find in the market is that they are thoughtfully designed with your personal needs in mind. Men’s After Burn is not an exclusion, and they have been constructed with athletic care and intense passion. They offer both comfort and the desired durability, and once you have them, you will be in no hurry to purchase another pair of shoes.

Men’s After Burn are constructed with a mix of leather and synthetic on the upper. The synthetic soles will offer you great stability whether you are walking, standing, or running across a concrete floor. The synthetic soles also make your shoes to be wear and tear-resistant, and you will have them around for several years until you decide to pass them down to your sons and nephews.

These is the kind of shoes you can stay on the whole day without the sensation of ripping them off for your feet to gulp some air. Both the inside and outside materials will offer the required ventilation for your feet to breathe and stay relentlessly dry all day long. The shoes will fit securely and snug comfortably on your feet, and they can not slip off for as long as you have the right size.


  •         100% leather and synthetic.
  •         Imported.
  •         Synthetic soles.
  •         Memory Foam insole.
  •         Rubber Outsole.
  •         Durable soles.
  •         Padded tongue and collar.
  •         Mesh upper and leather overlays.


Skechers Performance Men's Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe
  • Slip-on lightweight walking shoe with mesh upper featuring full-length goga mat insole. Multi directional traction sole
  • Features GOga Mat Technology with high-rebound cushioning. Memory Form Fit design with memory foam padding around heel for a custom-feel fit

Here we go again with one more almighty Skechers production. This pair is an excellent mix of both functionality and style. They are specially designed to serve you for regular use on any concrete floor, and believe me when I tell you that these shoes “have got you,” and they will serve you to your unexpected satisfaction.

These 100% mesh slip-on is imported, and you will enjoy every little experience with them. They are lightweight and easy to walk on without any unnecessary added weight. The insoles will offer excellent grip and traction support, and you will love being in these shoes.

The manufacturers have used very interesting technology on these shoes to give high rebound cushioning. They also have foam padding around the heel for comfortable support to your ankles. If you are a tennis lover, this is your best shot for a shoe. Even considering their prices and what they offer, this pair is an outright steal, and you might be tempted to get away with more than a pair.


  •         100% mesh.
  •         Imported.
  •         Goga pillars sole.
  •         Radically lightweight.
  •         The full length goes mat energy return insole.
  •         Memory foam cushioned heel and vamp.
  •         Mesh upper.
  •         Multi-directional traction sole.
  •         Textured athletic mesh fabric.



What a perfectly stylish way to break off from those tiring six-inch sharp heels with this pair of classic clogs. The moment your feet taste the comfortability in these shoes, you can rest assured that they will always protest getting on anything straining and uncomfortable. These elegant shoes are specifically designed for women to walk and stand on concrete for extended periods.

The leather upper, which comes in different elegant colors, will give you a simple touch of class and a style-oriented projection if you pull it well with the rest of your attire. What makes these shoes more interesting is their stain-resistant soles. For as long as you are walking through public concrete floors, you are always prone to stepping on something ridiculously unpleasant, but these shoes will have none of that. On top of that, the soles are non-slip; therefore, you will not be embarrassed by flailing and falling on unanticipated slippery floors.

If you are a working or errand person who is always on the go, these shoes will save your day because you can easily step in and out of them without any further ado. They will fit snugly on your feet and they allow them to breathe with such ease and calmness as you go about your day. Your toes and feet will always be safe and unexerted because of the shock-absorbing feature in the shoes and the padded footbed.


  •         Made in the USA/ Imported.
  •         Rubber soles.
  •         APMA approved.
  •         Stain-resistant upper.
  •         Leather upper and lining.
  •         Double elastic gore for easy on-and-off.
  •         Slip-resistant outsole.
  •         Padded collar.
  •         Removable memory foam insole.


Dansko Women's Paisley Waterproof Outdoor Sneaker - Comfort, Support
  • Waterproof and 3M Scotchguard stain resistant leather upper
  • Lace up closure for a secure fit

This pair of shoes is a mix of so many good attributes, and it almost sounds fairy. Besides their elegant and classic style, these shoes are both versatile and highly durable. These lace-up shoes are constructed to comfortably snug around your feet while they keep them cool and dry all day long. The range of motion within these flexible and supportive shoes is not limited, and you can stretch and wriggle your toes within all you want without having to remove them.

The shoe upper is waterproof and even if you have to walk through a puddle of water, your feet will remind as dry as a desert island. The outsoles are built to be slip-resistant, and walking on these shoes; it would be difficult to fall no matter the condition of the floor. They reinforce your stability on the concrete surface and offer a great grip on the soles.

Women’s Paisley Waterproof Outdoor Sneakers are lightweight, and they do not add any unnecessary weight. They are designed with moisture management features that absorb sweat and keep your feet cool and dry. They also have an odor control system, to mean that people will not turn away and wriggle their noses if you were to take them off in public.


  •         100% leather.
  •         Imported.
  •         Synthetic soles.
  •         Waterproof leather uppers.
  •         Removable triple-density footbed.
  •         Arch support and shock absorption.
  •         Accommodates standard and custom orthotics.
  •         Dupont Sorona Fiber.
  •         CleansportNXT for odor control.
  •         Vibram rubber outsole.
  •         Built-in shank.
  •         Suede uppers with reinforced overlays.
  •         Slip-resistant outsole.
  •         Lightweight.


Skechers for Work Women's Gibson-Brogna SR Slip-On
  • Memory Foam cushioned removable comfort insole
  • Heel height - 1 inch

It is not every day that we see elegant, classy women strut around the workplace in comfortable flat slip-on shoes. However, we can comfortably say that Skechers has done it again and this time, something both appealing and convenient for women. These shoes are designed for ultimate comfort and great support but without compromising the elegance that is a vital element in women’s wear.

These slip-on are durable, and they can resist unnecessary wear and tear even after long periods on concrete surfaces. The insoles will cushion your feet well, and you will not feel any impact from the rough surface. These insoles are removable and replaceable with custom-made ones.

The leather toes and heel overlays of the shoes act as shock absorbers, and they help to reinforce your feet against any hazards. The soles are also non-slip, and you will not find yourself falling unnecessarily on slippery or irregular surfaces. They are also lightweight, and they will not make you tired when you walk o stand for long periods.


  •         100% leather.
  •         Imported.
  •         Slip-resistant work shoes.
  •         Athletic cushion and comfort.
  •         Stretch top panel. Heel pull-on loop.
  •         Closure type: slip-on.
  •         Flexsole midsoles.
  •         Removable memory foam insoles.
  •         Leather toe and heel overlays.
  •         Lightweight.
  •         Non-slip outsoles.


Clarks Women's Everlay Heidi Slip-On Loafer
  • Heel height 1.37"
  • Clarks cushion soft comfort

This pair of trendy shoes is an excellent blend of elegance and class, and they will definitely take your flair of fashion a notch higher. These classic-grade shoes will also accord your feet the support and comfort they deserve. If you are a career lady of class who spends most of her time standing in front of board rooms for long presentations or practicing Management By Walking Around (MBWA), these shoes will definitely serve you well.

The footbed of these shoes is super comfortable, and they are designed to offer cooling effects for your feet. The special material used will also absorb sweat moisture and keep your feet dry and non-slippery. The outsoles are skid/slip-resistant for protection and stability on slippery and uneven surfaces.

If you get your size right, the shoes will fit your feet perfectly and snugly well because of the stretch gore. For a quick breather and stretch of your feet before resuming yet another boardroom session that would require you on your feet for hours, the shoes are very convenient to slip in and out of them.


  •         100% leather.
  •         Imported.
  •         Rubber sole.
  •         Clarks cushion soft comfort.
  •         Ortholite footbed.
  •         Ruching, stretch gore, and hook-and-loop strap.
  •         Fabric lining.
  •         Skid-resistant outsole.
  •         Slip-on style.


If you are a woman with a sense of style who wants to take a break from those tiring uncomfortable high heel shoes, Clarks has designed something much better and more elegant and appealing for you. This pair is lace-up and can work well for official and casual events without comprising its best asset of comfortability.

The low wedge soles are great and comfortable for frolicking around hard concrete surfaces all day long without exerting or injuring your feet. They offer your feet a fabric lining that cools and absorbs moisture. The footbed is both comfortable and absorbent, too, and your feet will stay well-ventilated for as long as you are in the shoes.

The leather upper will make a good impression for official events and office wears. The durable outsole rubber will give traction to your feet. They also act as shock-absorbing cushions for extended hours on hard concrete floors. The elevated design of the shoes will help prevent the complications that are normally prevalent with flat-soled shoes.


  •         100% leather.
  •         Imported.
  •         Rubber sole.
  •         Cushion Soft.
  •         Ortholite footbed.
  •         Heel height: 1.5 inches.
  •         Shock-absorbing rubber outsole.
  •         Fabric inner lining.
  •         Leather uppers.
  •         Lace-ups athletic styled.


Clarks Wave Go Women's Oxford
  • When it's time to set out and explore, you need a durable, dependable shoe to keep up the pace – this is it
  • Waterproof nubuck leather upper

As it turns outs, Clarks will never cease surprising women with their superior quality shoes that have a touch of class and a sense of unique style to them. Women’s Wave GO happens to be one of their creative genius that has a whole lot to offer to both your feet and looks. These lace-up athletic-styled shoes are designed with innovative soles that will help to conserve your energy. What a genius! These soles will also make your feet comfortable all day long.

Like many other shoes created for walking on concrete surfaces, this pair will keep your feet cool and dry inside the shoes.  They also cushion your feet from the impact of concrete floors through the shock-absorbing insoles. However, that is not to say that the outsoles are less shock-resistant.

The upper part of the shoes is 100% leather, and the footbeds are removable and replaceable. This means that you can fit in your custom-made beds without any difficulties. These shoes will also provide the necessary traction whether you are walking or standing on a hard concrete surface. If your work involves too much standing or running a lot of errands, perhaps this is what your feet would feel happier in. They are lightweight and durable, besides their ultra-comfortable nature.


  •         Fabric and synthetic.
  •         Imported.
  •         Rubber soles.
  •         Nubuck leather uppers with round toes.
  •         Cushioned tongue and collar.
  •         Lace-up closer.
  •         Soft fabric lining.
  •         Removable and replaceable footbed.
  •         Curved Wavewalk outsole.
  •         Durable.
  •         Lightweight.
  •         Shock-absorbing insoles.


Ryka Women's Dash 3 Walking Shoe
  • BEST FOR: High-performance fitness walking.
  • MADE FOR WOMEN FIT: Designed for a woman’s unique foot shape, muscle movement, and build with a narrower heel, roomier toe, and softer foot cushioning.

Not everything good is popular, and this goes for these stylish lace-up athletic shoes. If you love running on tarmacked areas or playing tennis on concrete platforms, this pair of shoes will surprise you with what it has to offer. They will serve your athletic purposes well while protecting and comforting your feet all at the same time.

This durable pair is made from 100% synthetic material, and they will serve you until you leave them behind or you decide to pass them down. Their synthetic soles are greatly resistant to wear and tear, and holding them against their price tag; you will totally agree that they are an outright steal.

RYKA Women’s Dash Walking Shoes are very light, and they are ideal for running or walking with them on hard floor surfaces. Their breathable mesh materials will allow your feet to cool and dry fast whenever you sweat under insane activities. They are also very supportive, and they will fit snugly well on your feet.


  •         100% synthetic.
  •         Imported.
  •         Rubber soles.
  •         Fitness walking shoes.
  •         Lightweight and sleek design.
  •         Scotchgard defender stain-resistant and water-resistant treatment.
  •         Removable footbed.
  •         Outsole for traction.
  •         Durable and flexible.
  •         Reinforced toes.
  •         Padded tongue and collar.
  •         Lace-up closure.

What to Look for When Buying The Best Shoes For Walking On Concrete

best shoes for walking on concrete

Perhaps you have been walking and standing for years on concrete floors, and your feet have always been sore, calloused, and literally begging for airing and a good message at the end of each day. The problem is not actually on your feet but with the kind of shoes you wear. Looking at it now, most careers require constant standing and walking around. Take nursing or lecturing, for example, these are very noble careers, but sitting is a luxury.

Here are some of the features your shoes should have if you are shopping for something to walk on or that you can stand in without straining or feeling exerted on your feet. You might not be able to access the listed brands, but it will give you ideas on what to look at when out shopping.


A good shoe for walking on hard concrete surfaces should be well-cushioned and shock-absorbent on the footbed to ensure that the impact of the hard floors does not reach your feet. If you prefer custom-made orthopedic inserts, the existing ones should be removable and replaceable.

The upper part of the shoes should be constructed with breathable material that will ventilate your feet well and allow easy cooling and drying of sweat, which is most probably. The shoes should also be able to protect your toes, heels, and ankles through good construction and appropriate materials.

best shoes for walking on concrete


A good shoe with the right sole and ankle construction is definitely a great and relieving support for your feet. Look for a footbed that offers great cushioning and has a fabric lining on the inside. This means that as you go about your day, your feet will be pampered and laid comfortably inside the shoes.


A good pair of shoes to walk in concrete should be able to keep your feet stable on the ground. If you step on a slippery object, the shoes should be able to prevent you from losing balance. This means that the sole should be skid-resistant and offers an excellent grip on your feet.


You want to invest in something that will increase your flair of fashion a notch and give you a sense of class and style. At the same time, you do not want the comfortability of the shoes to be compromised all in the name of sharp looks. That is not a cause for alarm, however, as there are many brands that give both style and functionality.


If your waking days are all about running errands or standing for hours and hours making presentations and closing deals, you will probably not need added stress from a pair of uncomfortable shoes. The last thing you will need to be reminded of is that you have two feet through soreness, numbness, sweating, and inconveniencing odor emitted after a short while of stepping in your shoes.

Take your sweat time in the marketplace to ensure that whatever you pick is ultra-comfortable, highly functional, and super stylish. This way, nothing will hold you back from strutting into that boardroom with confidence where mean-looking judgmental clients are waiting for the slightest chance not to close a deal with you.

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