Find Out Excellent Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels Right Now!

Finding a watch that fits your needs can be difficult. You can check our Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels. There are so many different types of watches, and it’s hard to know which one is right for you. You might want a watch with an alarm or stopwatch, but not if you don’t need them. And what about the size? Do you want something big and bulky on your wrist all day long? Or do you prefer something smaller that will fit in your pocket?

Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels are the perfect solution! These watches have everything from alarms to stopwatches, plus they come in both large and small sizes depending on what you’re looking for. They also come with scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass. You can find out more about this amazing watch right now by reading our article below. Don’t wait, because these watches are in high demand!

Things To Consider When Buying Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels

Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels


When it comes to price, you’ll want to consider what you’re comfortable spending on a watch. The Waltham Vanguard Jewels is a high-quality timepiece, and it will likely cost more than some of the other watches available on the market. Make sure you consider your budget before making a purchase.


The design of the watch is also something to think about. The Waltham Jewels has a classic look that will never go out of style. If you’re looking for a sophisticated timepiece that you can wear for years to come, this may be the perfect option for you.

Watches can be big or small. If you love big, bold pieces on your wrist, the Waltham Vanguard Jewels may work well for you. However, if you prefer dainty watches that are more suited to smaller wrists, this watch is probably not for you.

Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels


How durable do you want your watch to be? The Waltham Jewels is made of stainless steel. If you want a watch that will last for years to come, this may be perfect for you. If you want a watch that can withstand your active lifestyle, this is also an option.

The Waltham Vanguard Jewels is a high-quality watch, so it will likely last for years. Make sure this is the type of watch you want before making your purchase.

Available Options

Before you buy, be sure to think about available options. The Waltham Jewels comes in many different colors and styles. You can choose from a number of different band types and materials. If you have unique needs, this may be the perfect watch for you.

The Waltham Jewels is available in many different styles and colors. For example, it comes in silver and gold designs and features a variety of band options. If you want a watch that matches your unique preferences and style, this may be a great choice for you.

The Waltham Vanguard Jewels is a high-quality watch that is perfect for sophisticated wearers who want an elegant timepiece. If you think this watch meets your needs and style preferences, make sure to buy it today!

Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels


The Waltham Jewels watch was originally designed with men in mind. However, it can be used by women as well. If you’re looking for a timepiece that you can wear every day, consider whether the features of this watch will work for you. You should also consider whether you want a watch that matches your style preferences.

The Waltham Jewels is versatile and can be used by men or women. If you’re looking for a watch that works well as both an everyday wear and as a statement piece, this may be the perfect option for you!


Next, you should consider the functions of the watch. The Waltham Jewels is a classy watch that has modern features such as an alarm and stopwatch. If you want a stylish timepiece with additional features, this may be perfect for you!

The Waltham Jewels is a high-quality watch with both functional and fashionable features. If you’re looking for a watch that has modern features, this may be the right choice for you!

Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels


The next thing to consider when choosing a Waltham Jewels is the dial. The Waltham Jewels features a beautiful stainless-steel design with gold accents. If you want a sophisticated timepiece, the dial may be perfect for you!

The Waltham Vanguard Jewels has a beautiful stainless-steel design and features an elegant gold accent on the face of the watch. If this type of design is what you’re looking for, this may be the perfect choice for you!


The next thing to think about is the strap. The Waltham Jewels features band options of leather and metal. Depending on your personal preferences, these bands may fit well with your unique style.

The Waltham Vanguard Jewels has band options of leather and metal. If you prefer a material type that matches your personal style, this watch may be perfect for you!

Water Resistant

If you want a timepiece that can withstand daily wear and tear, ensure the Waltham Jewels is water resistant. This watch has adjustable wrist bands and is made of stainless steel. The band options are made of leather and metal.

The Waltham Vanguard Jewels is water resistant, so it can withstand the pressures of daily wear. If you want a watch that can withstand your active lifestyle, this may be an option for you!


The warranty is another important factor to consider when buying a new watch. If you’re not sure whether the watch you want is eligible for warranty, contact customer service to find out. A good warranty will provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your new timepiece.

Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels Review

Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels

Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels is a classic looking time piece. Many watch lovers like me, love its vintage look. It goes well with any outfit and occasion I wear it to. The dimensions are about 1 x 3/4 inches, which makes this watch compact in size without compromising the display area. Also the black color scheme makes this watch perfect for any kind of outfits you own.

Its brown leather strap is crafted very well. The stitches are perfectly done, which makes this watch look extremely classy and expensive than it really is. It’s not the best strap we’ve seen but for the price you pay, its amazing!

The crown of this watch does not screw down so I’m not sure if its water resistant or not. However, there is no designated crown guard which provides me an assumption that it’s not water resistant at least up to 100 ft. The face of the watch has large numbers and hands which makes it very easy to read time in any lighting conditions.

The dial window material is acrylic rather than glass, so it may get scratches over time but with a price tag of under 10 bucks, it’s not a deal breaker for you. It has gained around 3-5 seconds in these 2 months only. The sound made when you pull out or push back in the crown is a nice click sound, unlike the sound of my Seiko 5 made when it gains or loses seconds.

Moving onto its features, this watch has a day and date indicator which is a pretty useful feature to have on a wristwatch especially for those who travel often. There are no lume on the hands but there is lume on the index.

Who Is Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels For?

Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels

The Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels is designed for people who want an affordable and stylish watch. It’s also perfect for those who appreciate quality craftsmanship. It is made for people who is looking for a watch with a timeless design – something that will last a long time.

The Vanguard 23 Jewels is suitable for you if you want a water-resistant automatic watch, or if you prefer a mechanical movement over quartz ones. It’s also great if you’re on the lookout for something with an open case back. All in all, the Vanguard 23 Jewels is a great choice for everyone who is willing to pay a reasonable price for something really good.

Pros Of Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels

The Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels has a lot of great features that make it stand out from the competition. It has a water-resistant automatic watch – you can take it with you anywhere you go, even if it’s raining outside.

The Vanguard 23 Jewels is also made with a mechanical movement – this means that it will keep ticking even if you don’t wear it for a few days. It has an open case back – this allows you to see the inner workings of the watch and appreciate its beauty.

Cons Of Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels

The only downside of the Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels is that it’s not a quartz watch. If you’re looking for something with a more accurate time, you might want to consider opting for a quartz-based model.

Features & Benefits

Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels


The design of Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels is an extension of the well proven POINTECH 4000 series 28-jewel watches. New internal components are designed for increased accuracy and longer service life. The movement has been enhanced with several design improvements to increase performance, including a higher quality mainspring for increased power reserve, new barrel ratchet & pawl construction, and improved teeth tolerances.


Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels has a solid hacking mechanism for increased accuracy. The second hand pauses when the crown is pulled out for setting, then restarts when returning to its resting position.

The 23 jewel Vanguard has a bi-directional winding system that allows the watch to be wound manually while worn on either wrist. This provides an additional level of convenience and will help to maintain the watch’s accuracy. The watch can also be wound automatically by turning the crown 30+ times to ensure that it receives an adequate charge before being worn.

Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels


Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels has a 316L surgical grade stainless steel case with a hardened mineral crystal. The dial is covered with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal lens. The hands are also made of surgical stainless steel, and utilize SuperLuminova paint for legibility in low light. The watch is 5 ATM (50 meters/165 feet) water resistant and features shock protection.

Movement Features

Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels uses a Swiss made Ronda 515.24H quartz movement that has an accuracy of +/- 20 seconds per year. The battery has a 10-year lifespan and is user replaceable.

The dial is printed on fine Italian linen with luminous hands, numerals, day/date window, and markings. The linen material provides bright illumination in darkness for easy reading.

Bracelet Details

Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels has a stainless steel mesh bracelet with solid links. It has a butterfly clasp with double safety clasping system for superior security. It comes with a 22mm long lasting 3-link bracelet with solid end links and push-button butterfly clasp. It is adjustable to fit almost any wrist size.

Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels


Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels has a solid case back with a laser etching of the Waltham logo. There is also an individual serial number laser etched between the lugs. Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels ships with a Waltham tool for bracelet adjustments, microfiber cloth, and spare 3-link bracelet end pieces in case of loss or breakage.

It also comes in a decorative box with an instruction manual. It has a coin edge bezel and a screw-down crown. The case has a brushed finish and is water resistant to 5 ATM (50 meters/165 feet).


Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels has a luxury box with an outer sleeve for display. It includes a decorative Waltham gift box with an instruction manual, microfiber cloth, and spare 3-link bracelet end pieces.

Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels is a fully authorized luxury watch with a limited warranty of 24 months for the movement from date of purchase.

It is currently available in 18k yellow gold plated. The watch comes with 2-year limited warranty, manual, battery, and screwdriver.


Timex Easy Reader 38mm Leather Strap Watch

[amazon box=”B00YTY4AB8″]

Timex Easy Reader 38mm Leather Strap Watch is the cheapest alternative to Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels. This watch is very similar to Vanguard 23 Jewels in its functionality. The only difference is the manufacturer of its watch movement which is Timex instead of Waltham. If you are looking for the cheapest price than the best choice would be this one.

The watch comes in a nice package that includes the following items: Timex Easy Reader 38mm Leather Strap Watch, instruction manual, warranty card and the original tags. The whole package is very well made. The instruction manual is short and comes with some useful information on how to operate the watches, but if you are familiar with this type of gadgets than it will be enough to get you started.

The band of this product is rubber which makes it more comfortable to use. Mineral window in this model makes it very reliable and is resistant to scratches. The size of the case is 38 mm which makes this watch perfect for those men that have small wrists.

The most important selling point is definitely the price as you can buy this awesome timepiece for about 40 dollars. It can also be considered as a budget choice as all its functions work perfectly. You can take advantage of free shipping if you purchase it on Amazon and the estimated arrival date is within 2 to 5 days.

Timex Easy Reader 38mm Leather Strap Watch has received great reviews from customers that have already purchased this product. According to them, leather band makes it more comfortable than other models with rubber band.

SKMEI Watch for Men Business Dress 

[amazon box=”B09DVNBCBC”]

SKMEI Watch for Men Business Dress is one of the top LED watches that does not look like an LED watch. The watch features a subtle, yet unique design that makes this watch an excellent choice to pair with business attire. It’s not flashy, but it is striking in its own subtle way.

With a large LED screen that easily displays the time, this watch makes reading the time look classy on your wrist. The stainless steel case on this watch measures 40mm in diameter and 9mm thick while also being waterproof. This means that this watch can look nice without sacrificing.

In addition to the time, date and day of the week, the Waltham Vanguard 23 also displays an alarm feature that can be activated by simply pressing down on the upper right button. The bottom right button is used for turning off the alarm.

This watch also comes with a one year warranty should anything break or go wrong with it within that first year of ownership. Its features are very special. It is not only a Mini Wristwatch   but also a compass. You can use it when you walk in the street to find where your destination is!

You’ll be surprised at how many compliments you receive when wearing this classy time piece.  They are sometimes referred to as “closet” quartz watches because they look so much like a real mechanical watch.

Casio Men’s MDV106-1AV 200 M WR Black Dive Watch

[amazon box=”B083VMFR4C”]

Casio Men’s MDV106-1AV 200 M WR Black Dive Watch is a well made and good looking sports watches from Casio. It is a part of the iconic G-shock family which has a long tradition in making tough military looking watch for everyday use in all kinds of conditions.

The design is very rugged but it’s not too big so if you have a smaller wrists this might be an ideal choice. It features a matte black look which is a very popular one with a splash of color in the form of yellow accents on the watch hands, the date indicator and the watch logo.

Also if you have smaller wrists this might be an ideal choice because it features a resin band that is adjustable to different wrist sizes. The face has a digital display with yellow back light which is great for night visibility.

The movement used in this watch is Japanese Quartz which is one of the best ones available on the market. This means that it’s reliable, quiet and has an extended battery life compared to other types of movements. The mineral crystal is another advantage because it not only saves you some money over sapphire crystals.


Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels

What is the movement of Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels?

The movement of the Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels is a manual wind movement that was first introduced in the early 1900s. It features a 17-jewel movement with an approximate power reserve of 42 hours.

Who is the manufacturer of Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels?

Waltham Watch Company, formerly known as American Waltham Watch Company and Waltham Watch Co., was a company based in Waltham, Massachusetts. It manufactured watches from 1850 through 1957. The designer of the watch is unknown as there are no design credits engraved on the movement or dial.

Do the numbers on my watch correspond with its accuracy?

If the numbers on your watch correspond to seconds, then this means that it is accurate. If it is in increments of minutes, then this means that the watch is fast. If it is increments of hours, then the watch is slow. Watches with increments on minutes require a battery for them to work.

How can I clean my Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels?

To clean your Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels, you will need a soft cloth and a small amount of warm water. You should use a soft cloth to remove any dirt or dust. You can also use a mild soap and water mixture to clean it, but be sure to dry it off completely afterwards.


The Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels is a high quality watch that can be enjoyed by anyone who loves watches. It has a beautiful design and it is very well made. The watch is also very affordable, which makes it a great value for the price. These watches are a great option for those looking to buy an affordable watch.

They offer many features that make them attractive, such as low maintenance and scratch resistant cases. The Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels is the perfect choice if you’re on a tight budget but still want something stylish and durable. Choose your watch right now!

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