A Good Authentic Naruto Headband Is Necessary For Cosplayers

For all people in the world, Naruto is one of the most famous manga or anime that everyone knows. And many viewers like accessories in this cartoon so much. Authentic Naruto headband may be the most popular hobby in terms of many people.

Almost all characters in that are always wearing a headband. And to cosplay, a headband is necessary for you. Or your son, your daughter, children, friends like this film, you can choose this item to give them on special occasions.

In the case you like to be the main characters, the headband of Leaf village is a perfect choice. With one headband, you can become Naruto, Hinata, Uzumaki, Kakashi Hatake and so on.If you like other characters, we will also have some different selections for you too.

To help you reduce confusion while choosing, we have searched for the best and most popular. And here is a list of what we found. Let’s take a look at them together.

Authentic Naruto Headband Comparison 2022

Ninja Cosplay Headband and Mask, Leaf Village Metal Plated Headband and Kakashi Cosplay Mask Veil(Blue)
Great Eastern Naruto Anti Leaf Village Headband
Best for
best choice for you in the case you prefer dark blue to black.
best item for you because of the material’s quality is very wonderful.
Ninja Cosplay Headband and Mask, Leaf Village Metal Plated Headband and Kakashi Cosplay Mask Veil(Blue)
Best for
best choice for you in the case you prefer dark blue to black.
Great Eastern Naruto Anti Leaf Village Headband
Best for
best item for you because of the material’s quality is very wonderful.

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Authentic Naruto Headband, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Great Eastern Naruto Shippuden GE-8676 Leaf Village Headband - Black
  • Official Naruto Shippuden Leaf Village headband by Great Eastern Entertainment.
  • Metal plate size approximately: 6"W x 2"H.
Bestseller No. 2
Great Eastern Naruto Anti Leaf Village Headband
  • Officially Licensed by Great Eastern!
  • Makes a great gift!
Bestseller No. 3
Great Eastern GE-7857 Naruto Anti Leaf Village Headband Cosplay Headband
  • Officially licensed by Great Eastern
  • Makes a great gift!
Bestseller No. 4
Naruto Shippuden Collection Leaf Village Headband Costume Beanie Skull Cap Silver
  • THIS IS AN OFFICIALLY LICENSED NARUTO PRODUCT Bioworld stands out in the pop-culture apparel world. You can be sure these are always licensed and always authentic merchandise!
  • LARGE LEAF VILLAGE HEADBAND DESIGN - The front of this beanie hat features a large patch design just like the leaf villages headbands with detailed, high-quality embroidery on the faux leather patch
SaleBestseller No. 5
Official GE Animation Naruto: Rock Lee's Headband GE-7930
  • Official Naruto Headband made by Great Eastern Entertainment.
  • Headband is approximately 36" long. Metal plate size: 6"L x 2"H. Adjustable, one size fits most.
Bestseller No. 6
Master Online 4 pcs colorful Ninja Headband with Leaf Village Logo Metal Plated toy Headband Cosplay Anime Ninja Kakashi Accessories
  • ★High quality and well made (4 Pack)different Ninja Headband
  • ★Fabric size:39(inch)*2(inch); Metal size:4(inch)*1.5(inch)
Bestseller No. 7
Nike Fury Headband (Black/White)
  • Dri-FIT fabric to wick sweat away and help keep you dry and comfortable
  • Added silicone holds hair in place for secure fit
Bestseller No. 8
Great Eastern GE-7861 Naruto Anti Mist Village Logo Headband Costume
  • Officially Licensed by Great Eastern!
  • Makes a great gift!
Bestseller No. 9
Leaf Village Headband With 2 Pack Kunai & 50Pcs Non-Repeat Sticker For Ninja Fans Cosplay Halloween Costume,Christmas Gift Set Metal
  • Ninja Sticker Kunai Set Package include 1pcs classic Ninja leaf village headband ,50pcs non-repeat popular stickers,2 pack kunai
  • The headband made of high quality fabric and printed symbol that comfortable to wear and easy tie on/off, the 50 non-repeat stickers are great for ninja fans stick the sticker any where they wish, 2 pack kunai is great for photography,costume
Bestseller No. 10
Great Eastern GE-7712 Naruto Leaf Village Logo Headband Cosplay Headband
  • Officially licensed by Great Eastern
  • Makes a great gift!

Top 10 Authentic Naruto Headband Reviews 2022

IDOXE Headband Unisex Cosplay Mask 

No products found.

The main part of this item is the headband of Leaf village – everyone who sees this anime knows this village. It was made from extra soft and elastic fabric. Thanks to that, users will be very comfortable when wearing it. Besides, this authentic Naruto headband has a size that is 43 inches.

Therefore, you can adjust it to be suitable with your head. And whether you are kids or adults, you can wear it too. In addition, this material is also comfortable and breathable. Thanks to that, you can wear it for a long time at each time cosplay without uncomfort.

The highlight of each headband is its plate. This plate was made from metal. And the logo of Leaf village was etched on it with a size of 4.13 inches very carefully. This point makes it look reallier and prettier.

The thing that comes with the headband is a black mask. It was also made from soft fabric. So it doesn’t cause any disadvantages and uncomfort for you while wearing. Moreover, it is also an essential accessory for you to cosplay well.

If you like and want to become the main characters, you can choose this item. It is really a suitable choice for you, which will make you look cooler.


  • Durable material.
  • The size is just right.
  • Can be adjusted.
  • Come with mask.
  • Suitable for all users.


  • It is quite flimsy.

Naruto Cosplay Headband and Mask

This headband has the same design as the product above. The metal plate has the Leaf village logo too. And the material that was chosen to make it is soft fabric too.

The mask was made of this material too. 

However, they used the dark blue instead of the black one. And this fabric can be also elastic. So it can fit with not only children but also adults. Besides, both headband and mask don’t cause any bad experience or uncomfort for you.

Moreover, it gives users the comfort while wearing them. This is also a good to try if you don’t like the black color like the selection above. It will help you look more different than a normal black.


  • Good material.
  • Metal plate.
  • Both children and adults can use it.
  • 45 days money-back.
  • 18 months warranty.


  • The zipper is poorly designed.

Atenia Cosplay Headband

No products found.

We came to the next product we looked for. This selection is not a headband of Leaf village, it has 4 headbands and each one has its own symbol. 

It is called Atenia Cosplay Headband, Costume Anti Leaf Village Ninja Headband Kakashi Cosplay (4 PCS Leaf Village). Go with us and see which it has.

It includes 4 headbands which have 4 different symbols like the picture. Each headband has 3.12 ft long and under 0.8 oz weight.

The producers used 100% polyester to make headband. This material helps the headband which were created are very soft and sweat wicking. Thus, it not only looks like an authentic Naruto headband but also gives users a wonderful feeling while wearing it.

The badge on it has the size 4.5 inches x 1.9 inches and was made from stainless steel – a super durable material. The symbol was printed by premium technology so it is extremely great.

On the back, they gave it a soft and breathable PU leather. So it will help you have a better experience even so you have to wear it for a long time.

In the case you like cosplaying to a lot of characters, this item is a perfect one for you. Only buy 1, you will have 4 choices.


  • Length 3.12 ft.
  • Weight under 0.8 oz.
  • Material 100% polyester.
  • Stainless steel plate – 4.5 inches x 1.9 inches.
  • PU leather is attached on the back.


  • This is not the best material.

Naruto Headband , Naruto Leaf Village Headband with Ninja Weapons Props Big Yondaime Kunai Plastic Toy

Great Eastern Naruto Anti Leaf Village Headband
  • Officially Licensed by Great Eastern!
  • Makes a great gift!

The main material of the headband is soft fabric. And because you wear it by tieing up so you can adjust it easily to completely fit your head. That is the reason why you can wear it for a long time without any problems.

The metal plate on it has 4 corners that were rounded off. This point makes it look more realistic and like an authentic Naruto headband.

The plastic Minato kunai comes with is 10.2 inches (26 cm) long. Combined with the white handle so it is very pretty. In addition, since the makers decided to make it from plastic, this toy is extremely safe for kids.

So, why haven’t you tried this product?


  • Made of soft fabric.
  • Can be adjusted.
  • The plate is metal.
  • Include a plastic Minato kunai – 10.2 inches (26 cm).


  • (we didn’t see any bad points)

Yozone Naruto Necklace Leaf Necklace Leaf Village Symbol Logo Double Brand Pendant Necklace

No products found.

Everything in this product package was made from high quality material. The headband was made of good fabric. And it has a size that is 37.4 x 2.75 inches. The plate (4 x 1.5 inches) and necklace (2.24 x 1.5 inches) were high quality alloy steel too.

About the design, this Naruto headband doesn’t have any special point. It was made following the traditional design. So this choice helps the item become like the headband in anime most.

The necklace is the part which will make you better and more beautiful when cosplaying. This recommendation will give you not only great experience but also high quality from material.


  • High quality fabric.
  • High quality alloy steel.
  • Many colors to choose.


  • It is quite sharp.

Great Eastern GE-7712 

It is only a normal headband and doesn’t have anything else coming with. The fabric which was chosen is dark blue fabric, not black one.

And of course it still has a metal plate. The Leaf village symbol on the plate was laser-etched. Hence, it looks very keen.

You will wear it on by tying it so this headband can be worn by both adults and children. And for a good Naruto headband, this product has all conditions. In our opinion, you ought not to skip this choice.


  • Quality metal plate.
  • The symbol was laser-etched.
  • Can be used for both kids and adults.


  • we didn’t looked for any weaknesses of this item

Supstyler Cosplay Anime Headband Metal

No products found.

Next item comes from the Supstyler brand. This is a set that consists of a headband and 2 kunai. It will help you cosplay most realistically. The thing we are talking about is Supstyler Cosplay Anime Headband Metal, Leaf Village Ninja Real Headband With 2Pack Kunai for Ninja Themed Costume Set for Adult And Kids.

This headband has the material is soft fabric like others. We saw that many producers usually choose this material to give the customer the best and most comfortable feeling. And it was also designed following the traditional design. Therefore, it can be adjusted easily.

The metal plate also was made to be exactly the same as other products and with the drawing in the anime.

In this set, you will have extra 2 plastic kunai. One has a white handle and the last one has a red handle. They will be a necessary part to help you cosplay many characters more successfully.


  • Soft fabric.
  • Adjustable.
  • Metal plate is rounded off.
  • 2 plastic kunai.
  • Can be a lot of character.


  • Kunai is a little small.

Naruto Leaf Village Headband and Anti Leaf Village Headband 2 Pack for Ninja-Themed Costume

Relax a little bit and we will come to three last products in this list. Naruto Leaf Village Headband and Anti Leaf Village Headband 2 Pack for Ninja-Themed Costume,Cosplay is the next item we want to introduce to you.

The size of it is also great. It can fit for almost all users both kids and adults. With these two headbands which have two different symbols, you can cosplay too many characters like Kakashi Hatake, Uzumaki, Hinata, Tobi, Uchiha Obito, etc.


  • Good fabric and metal.
  • The size fits with almost all users.
  • Easy to use and adjust.
  • 30 days money-back.


  • The headband is pretty thin.

Leaf Village Headband with 2 Pcs Accessories for Ninja Fans

No products found.

This headband doesn’t have any special point. It was made from high quality fabric and metal like others. This material ensures to give customers a comfortable and good experience. Besides, it still looks like the real headband in manga.

The throwing stars were made from high quality plastic. And to give users more peace of mind when using, the makers designed the edges are not too sharp. So it is completely suitable for kids.


  • High quality fabric.
  • Metal plate.
  • Using many characters.
  • High quality plastic.
  • Darts were designed to ensure safety


  • don’t have any bad points of this product

gerFogoo Hot! Naruto Cosplay Headband

No products found.

About the design, this headband has a design completely similar to others and like an authentic Naruto headband. In the term of material, the manufacturers decided to use 100% polyester and stainless steel to make this product.

Polyester will give you a comfortable wearing because it is soft and sweat wicking well. With a total length of 95 cm, all users can fit it.

The plate is stainless steel and was made with a size that is 12 cm x 4 cm. These dimensions are very suitable. That makes this headband look very pretty.

For cosplaying a character of Leaf village, this is really a perfect choice from design to quality.


  • Cheaper.
  • Total length – 95 cm.
  • 100% polyester.
  • Stainless steel plate – 12 cm x 4 cm.


  • don’t have any things to be talked about

You Need To Care About These Things Is You Want To Have A Good Authentic Naruto Headband

An authentic Naruto headband needs to have many features. It not only looks most realistic but also good at quality. And here are some points you ought to pay attention to to get the best products.

First about design. You have to check carefully. Because design is the main thing which decides whether a headband is beautiful or not, realistic or not, etc. So you need to watch much about some details such as: the plate on the headband, the symbol, position, etc.

Secondly is its material. If manufacturers used bad fabric, bad metal, it not only gives you bad experience and uncomfort when wearing but also is not durable, broken quickly. That is the reason why care about material is important. We advise that you should select the headband which was made from high quality fabric (soft, elastic, sweat wicking, etc.) and high quality metal – which is durable by the time.

The next thing for you to care about is the size. If that headband is very good, very pretty but it doesn’t fit your head, you cannot wear it too. Thus, check the size and see if it fit you. Then choose in the case it can meet your condition.

Or if you like to have extra accessories, you can get a set that has a headband that comes with a mask, kunai or darts. In addition, you can pay attention to other features such as: the design, the size, the material, the color, the brand and so on. The final decision is your.

In Summary

After a long hunt and a long list to summarize all recommendations we found out. These are 5 best selections for an authentic Naruto headband in our opinion that you can consider:

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Thanks for reading to the end of this article.

Hope you like it and you have looked for the most suitable selection for yourselves.

See you soon.

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