benefits of bioxtron

Benefits Of Bioxtron: Useful For You!

benefits of bioxtron

You are looking for information about the benefits of bioxtron. Our article will give you detailed information about this product. In addition, you will know the benefits and uses of the product for the user. Not only that, you will learn some other useful information.

Do not be too confused and worried when there is too much information that makes you feel confused because it is not authentic. The information in this article has been verified and has a clear distillation. This article may answer your questions so don’t skip it.

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Bioxtron Natural AFA Stem Cell Supplement

benefits of bioxtron

Bioxtron Natural AFA Stem Cell Supplement is a food supplement to help you improve your health, especially in terms of muscles and blood sugar. This is one of the products that has a lot of positive reviews. You can learn more about this product. It has quite benign ingredients and is easily absorbed.

Moreover, the product also helps support good circulation in the body to help you stay healthy and stay alert. With a pretty unique bottle design. This will probably make you attracted and want to refer to the product as soon as you see it. You also like it.

Consider taking an extra dose when directed by your doctor. You can take according to the dosage instructions of the product.

Basic information about food supplement 

benefits of bioxtron

Difference between medicine and food supplement 

According to the Wikipedia open dictionary, “drug is a chemical used to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose disease, or to enhance physical or mental health”. Biological substances inherent in the body but added from the outside are also called drugs, for example: insulin hormones, steroids .., protein extracts, placenta extracts, liver organs…. .

According to the Food & Nutrition Encyclopedia, “food is a substance acquired by the body for growth, repair, reproduction, activity, and satisfaction: hunger, satisfaction…”. Thus, food first provides nutrients and then has other functions such as disease prevention, health promotion thanks to vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, etc.

What are food supplements ?

Functional foods, also known as dietary supplements, are foods with related functions, support for healing work, support for drugs or nutrition, improvement of physical condition while improving health. cure, but not the medicine itself.

Confusion occurs when in nature there are many substances that the boundary between food and medicine is not clear, for example: beer, wine, some mushrooms, vitamins, minerals… and some functional foods. power.

Boundaries between drugs and food supplement 

 Sources of functional foods can be:

(1) Foods that contain beneficial elements in large amounts, for example: Cod liver oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids; carrots, gac, tomatoes are rich in vitamin A; Vegetables, squash, etc. have high fiber content to help fight obesity and hypercholesterolemia; Seafood such as seaweed has a very high iodine content, etc.

(2) Foods that have few active ingredients, but thanks to biotechnology, people are “processed” into special functional foods called medicinal foods (alicaments, medical foods) or nutritional pharmaceuticals. nutraceutics), these fortified foods really straddle the line between food and medicine.

Food supplement are essential

By definition, functional foods are essential and indispensable to support the treatment of diseases. We have used fish oil, gac fruit to supplement vitamin A, used alcohol yeast to aid digestion, and used seaweed to prevent local goiter.

Things to note when using food supplement 

It should be noted that a good functional food needs to be fully confirmed by science, especially with the group of functional foods supplemented and modified by biotechnology. The American Council on Science and Health has divided functional foods into 3 levels: most reliable, reliable enough, and not reliable enough to need more research.

There are two “outstanding” issues that consumers need to be aware of: one is the reliability of the functional food they choose, and the other is whether the market price and the actual value of the food are reasonable and commensurate. are not. 

Even if you are a millionaire, there is no reason for anyone to spend an unreasonable amount of money over the ceiling “unreasonable” to buy excessive “delusional” values ​​for products from aloe vera, noni which are familiar leaves.

Functional foods are essential for the prevention and treatment of diseases, but they cannot replace medicines.

Do not use dietary supplements to replace diabetes medications

It can be said that the market for functional foods to prevent and support diabetes treatment is currently increasing rapidly. These products are heavily advertised in the mass media with many uses, even curing diabetes, causing many patients to quit treatment and switch to these products. This is really dangerous for the patient.

Functional foods in general and functional foods for diabetics in particular only have supportive effects in the treatment of diseases (helps to nourish the body, strengthen immunity, increase the body’s resistance, support blood sugar control, etc.), but cannot replace the use of medication. This information is clearly stated in the packaging or instructions for use of each functional product.

When you have diabetes, you go to the doctor and make sure that in addition to the prescription of medication, the doctor will have advice and advice on diet and exercise to suit your condition. It’s been 5 years since you’ve been taking medicine as prescribed by your doctor, stable blood sugar is great. You need to continue to follow this indication and have regular check-ups to keep your blood sugar within safe limits, avoid and limit complications caused by diabetes…

If you have the conditions and want to use more functional foods (because the prices of these products are not cheap), you can consult your doctor without using them yourself, and you need to immediately give up the intention to use them. functional foods to replace existing diabetes medications.

Here are 3 benefits of bioxtron:

  • Maintain proper blood sugar levels
  • Provides nutrients to the muscles
  • Good cardiovascular support

Benefits Of Bioxtron

Maintain proper blood sugar levels

Benefits of bioxtron help maintain proper blood sugar levels in your blood. You should use it and eat accordingly.

benefits of bioxtron

You should choose the right diet to help manage sugar levels in the body to be processed faster and more appropriately. Limiting the process of diabetes will be supported to help your body be better and healthier.

You should use fruit and vegetable products to get more vitamins and good sugar for the body. Can be used by eating directly or making juices or smoothies to be more palatable.

All the fiber, or good fat will be retained, the bad substances will be eliminated from the body to make the body much healthier.

Provides nutrients to the muscles

You will feel more secure knowing the benefits of bioxtron include muscle strengthening to help users stay healthy. Functional foods are foods that support (restore, maintain or enhance) the function of organs in the body, keep the body in a comfortable state, increase resistance and reduce risks. disease chance.

benefits of bioxtron

Functional foods are often the most easily absorbed nutrients or some substances that the body cannot synthesize on its own. Moreover, the use of functional foods is quite easy, delicious and convenient.

Let’s do an interesting comparison. To supplement a certain amount of protein, you may have to eat a whole kilogram of beef, it is difficult for your body to fully absorb the nutrients. 

For muscle gain foods, you only need a few tablespoons of powder to have such nutrition. 100g of beef usually gives about 25g of protein, but it also has a lot of fat and cholesterol. Meanwhile, 100g of whey protein powder usually contains 60-80g of protein and is very low in fat.

Good cardiovascular support

One of the benefits of bioxtron is to provide and support a good and healthy heart.

benefits of bioxtron

Helps relieve symptoms such as shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain, nervousness, dry cough, edema. From there, it helps to improve the quality of life, help patients get better, walk, work without fatigue. To get that effect, the product must have an energy-boosting effect on the heart to help the heart pump stronger blood to feed the body.

Preventing dangerous complications so that patients can rest assured, less worried about sudden death due to myocardial infarction, brain stroke. To have such an effect, the product must help limit the formation of atheroma to avoid narrowing the arteries and dissolve blood clots in the blood vessels to help blood flow more easily.

Reduce the frequency of hospitalization for patients, save costs and trouble children. A good cardiovascular support supplement, if it can reduce symptoms and prevent dangerous complications, will help patients not have to be hospitalized regularly.


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